Olympus Stylus SP-100 digital camera sd card recovery software

15 July, 2014: Best formatted sd card recovery software to restore files from a formatted Olympus Stylus SP-100 digital camera Secure Digital card,Recover data from SD card : the recovery of a storage card used in digital camera is including: accidentally or unintentionally deletion, it is much easier to recover the data while there is no physical damage on your SD card or you didn't take any more picture again after you realize your data has been lost.

Using the Secure Digital card users often encounter some trouble, and sometimes both in speed sd card, computer or external device, they can not read the data files in sd card, this time need to think carefully to see if in the end are those aspects of a problem, Secure Digital flash card data lost reasons including: SD memory card chip is not clean - Treatment: Use cotton sheets points apply to alcohol or water gently until the water dry and then reinsert

SD flash card infected with virus - the computer card, or other low-end storage (such as cameras, etc.) on the format, such as in computer format, should be taken to FAT format, not FAT32 format.

The SP-100 is a reasonably fast camera. From off to first shot takes about 1.7 seconds. It always starts with the LCD on, which if you prefer to shoot with the EVF, will slow you down a bit as you need to press a button to switch it on. The lag between shots is low at 0.4 second and even when using the flash it remains less than a second. Olympus Stylus SP-100 makes it easy to track and shoot subjects at full zoom -- something other cameras with similar 50x zoom lenses struggle with.

The camera is built around a new 50x f2.9-6.5 24-1,200mm lens with optical image stabilization, similar to what other manufacturers are offering. Behind it is a 16-megapixel BSI CMOS sensor and an updated Olympus image processor,The SP-100 and other small-sensor cameras don't deliver the photo quality of a dSLR with a larger sensor. At ISO 400, subjects start to look a little soft and could use some post-shoot sharpening. Although noise levels are decent, the softness gets a bit worse as you increase sensitivity until you end up with no fine details and colors desaturate.

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