Centum20 News: Network Marketing Veteran, Greg Stewart Joins Centum20 with Epic Era Leaders Team

Centum20: Network Marketing Veteran, Greg Stewart Joins Centum20 with Epic Era Leaders Team

Network Marketing Veteran: Greg Stewart

When you first meet Greg Stewart, he will usually describe himself in one sentence; "I'm just an "Old Plow Horse MLM'er" Basically what Greg is humbly describing, is the way he does business, which is "strong" and "hard" and at a steady pace! Like an Old Plow Horse,  plowing down one row at a time until the job is done.

Greg comes from the "old school" days of what we in the industry used to call "belly to belly" marketing, and like many of us Old Timers in the industry, Greg knows the value of picking up the phone and "reaching out" to his contact list. Which, is exactly what he is doing at  this moment to spread the word about the upcoming launch of Centum20 .

Centum20 is about to set the MLM World on fire with its new "Sprinkle On" weight-loss product called Essentia. Actually, Essentia is much more than a simple weight-loss product. Essentia also aids in the lowering of serum cholesterol and helps to balance blood glucose levels. With over 100 clinical studies and over 30 patents, Essentia is one of the most, if not "The Most" impressive product to arrive on the Health and Wellness Stage.

Centum20 plans to officially launch in the first week of August 2014, but is currently allowing the "early birds" to start getting their teams together, by allowing Free Enrollments. As a bonus, everyone that enrolls 10 new Reps will get 30 sachets of Essentia to try or give
away as samples.

"Weight loss is huge in MLM. With a product like Essentia, having 100 clinical studies and over 30 patents, it's a real no-brainer. We are going to 
change a lot of lives and create many fortunes with Centum20 and Essentia" ~Greg Stewart

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Article By: Eric Grant
Co-founder Epic Era Leaders
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 More about Greg Stewart:

Networking Professional, Real Estate,  Greg has produced best selling networking videos, authored
"The History and Truth of Network Marketing" produced best selling audio "The Blinding Paradigm"

Greg Stewart served as President of of a Network Marketing company, that ranked seventeenth of Inc.
500's fastest growing companies.

Greg Stewart served as President of Network Alliance (N/A/T/O International) based in Vancouver, Canada, expanding operations to Australia, Taiwan and the United Kingdom.

Network ProductionsAn educational marketing company, produced and sold it's audios, videos, books and materials to direct selling companies and its distributors. The company was founded and materials produced by Greg Stewart and sold to Upline Magazine

Greg was one of 9 individuals invited to participate in the first MLM Master's series of audio tapes produced by Upline Magazine.

Greg produced the first video that gave credibility to the direct selling industry, his company sold over 500,000 copies before selling the duplication rights to Dexter Yeager of the Amway Corporation, who continued to sell millions of copies

Veema Nutrition Company ( 2004
Greg Stewart accepted Veema's founder/CEO BK Boreyko's request to develop it's compensation plan. 
Bragging rights
My most brilliant achievement was my ability to persuade my wife to marry me. 3 wonderful daughters, Sheena and Paige married in 2011 , Lissa 13 years old , keeps us young.

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