ACI Learning Centers FREE Webinar: Behavioral Approach to Food Sensitivities

Join ACI Learning Centers for a FREE Webinar:

“Behavioral Approach to Food Sensitivities” on Wednesday, June 18.

WHAT: ACI Learning Centers presents an interactive webinar on Behavior Approaches to Food Sensitivities in children with autism spectrum disorders, challenging behaviors and other developmental disabilities.

Many children have specific foods they will eat and others they refuse to eat. These food sensitivities create difficult situations for families due to limitations in the student’s diet. At ACI we employ a wide variety of evidence based interventions to assist with consuming a variety of foods as well as decreasing the problem behavior associated with eating these less preferred foods. Our discussion will focus on providing families the tools they need to help their children be successful at consuming many different types of foods, as well as the skills necessary to increase the variety of foods consumed.

Hosted by Ian Santus, the Regional Director of ACI Learning Centers, the first 30 minutes of the webinar will be dedicated to the presentation. The second 30 minutes will be dedicated to answering live audience questions about the webinar topic.

WHEN: Wednesday, June 18th, 2014, 6-7 p.m. CDT

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ACI Learning Centers is a behavioral consulting company providing applied behavior analysis (ABA) with an emphasis on verbal behavior for children with autism spectrum disorders, language delays, challenging behaviors, and other developmental disabilities. They are experts in capturing a child’s motivation to enable them to have functional language, learn appropriate play skills, and socially engage with their peers. 

ACI Learning Centers are leaders in the ABA field, providing quality services for children with autism, family members and other professionals. ACI offers BCBA oversight on location, highly-trained therapists who provide one-to-one sessions, extensive availability of required materials, increased opportunities for social interactions with same-age peers, weekly parent observations, monthly parent trainings, consultations for challenging behaviors occurring at home, and a licensed psychologist on staff for diagnostics and extensive parent trainings.

About Ian Santus:

Ian is the Regional Director for ACI Learning Centers. Ian graduated from Western Michigan University with his bachelor’s degree in psychology with an emphasis in applied behavior analysis and received his BCaBA credential in 2011. He also earned a master’s degree from Sage Colleges of Albany in applied behavior analysis with an emphasis on autism and acquired his BCBA in 2013. Ian joined the ACI team in May 2011 and has more than eight years experience in the field of ABA with extensive experience in implementation, training, and understanding of verbal behavior across all ages from children through young adults. He has worked as a behavioral therapist implementing one-on-one behavior intervention, a parent trainer and educator, as well as a supervisor for several programs in the state of Michigan. In addition to his exceptional background, Ian brings his passion for the field of ABA and an unparalleled professionalism to the team at ACI. Ian provides clinic oversight for our learning centers by offering support and training to the BCBA/Clinical Director on location and is a vital member of the ACI team for behavior plan development, research, and program design.

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