Tips for Moving to a Home in New York City

Whether for a job or family, moving can be an exciting and scary time. New York State contains an extremely diverse landscape with mountains and lakes mere hours away from the City. If you are moving to New York City, these tips can make it a little easier so you can focus on the excitement instead of the nervousness.

Know the Boroughs

New York City has a total of five boroughs. Each has its own personality, attractions, and price range. If you are buying or renting an apartment before moving, knowing these can help you choose the best location for your personal needs.

The Bronx: It is full of authentic Italian eateries including cafes, restaurants, and bakeries. Attractions include the Bronx Zoo, New York Botanical Gardens, Wave Hill, Yankee Stadium, and Van Cortlandt Park.

Brooklyn: The most popular borough, you can walk across the bridge to Manhattan. There are family friend restaurants, parks, ice skating rink, and an area for indie or vintage lovers. Attractions include Barclays Center, DUMBO, Park Slope, and Prospect Park.

Manhattan: Though it is the smallest borough in size, it is the most expensive in price featuring art galleries, clubs, and restaurants. It is full of NYC’s most well known attractions such as Broadway, Chinatown, Chelsea, and the Lower East Side.

Queens: If you want diversity, Queens is it with fresh seafood, Italian, Greek, and more. The area attractions include Queens Museum, MoMA, Socrates Sculpture Park, Queens Zoo, New York Hall of Science.

Staten Island: Staten Island has the most green space of the five boroughs and includes architectural history and art as well. Attractions include St. George Theatre, Alice Austen House Museum, Staten Island Ferry, Statute of Liberty views, and Historic Richmond Town.

Dress for the Season

New York is known for having two seasons: winter and construction. Though New York City doesn’t have the harsh winters of the Snow Belt, it can still be cold. Ensure that you pack the right clothes for the season you will be moving in. If you are moving from Pennsylvania, this may not be a concern. However, if you are moving from southern Texas, you want to have warm clothes for a winter move. Ask your moving company to put your clothes packed on their truck in an easily accessible spot in case you need to get these quickly.

Get Oriented

When you first move there, NYC seems incredibly intimidating. There are a lot of streets, people, buses, subways, which can make it hard to orient. Luckily, the skyscrapers in certain areas make it easy to identify where to go. The One World Trade Center marks the direction of downtown. The Empire State Building is at 34th Avenue. These two guides can help you determine where you need to walk when you get lost.  Manhattan is designed with a grid system to make it easier to navigate so you can get moving faster.

Moving to New York does not have to be stressful. In fact, with reputable NYC movers and an adventurous attitude, it can be quite thrilling. Just remember that your living space is probably going to be quite smaller than what you are used to: pack lightly.