Straightforward Marketing Success

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Starting with great products and services is half the battle, but getting the word out to buyers is equally as important. Successful marketing leans on technology and strategies unheard of only a decade ago, but the core principles behind effective marketing remain relatively unchanged.

Planning and organization are essentials for long-term marketing success as well as proper branding and positioning. Pricing, reaching your target markets, and sustaining growth in your niche are further considerations as you craft your marketing approach. So where do you start, implementing marketing best-practices at your company?

Breaking your marketing efforts into manageable pieces is a good start, beginning with comprehensive looks at several aspects of your business.

Take-In the Big Picture

Stepping back to analyze how your company functions is an essential first step toward effective marketing programs. Situational analysis accounts for several aspects of your business, illuminating capabilities and limitations. But the wide-angle view also factors-in prevailing market conditions, furnishing an internal/external marketing assessment valuable for implementing your preferred plans. Once distilled, your core brand messages can be promoted effectively, using data gleaned from your comprehensive assessment of the status quo.

Speak to Target Markets

Advertising and promotions are continually tweaked to dial-in messages for the proper audiences. Knowing who your customers are, and who you want them to be, is essential for refining marketing efforts to yield the greatest return on investment possible. The body of data is wide in this area, furnishing insight into consumer behavior, demographic shifts, and even competition within your market segment.

Price for Success

The cost of goods and services comes to bear on marketing efforts, reflecting conditions within your niche. Launching the correct pricing and product promotion strategies results from extensive research about trends within your industry. Some consumer goods, for example, are shopped on price; making it one of the most essential considerations for marketers. On the other hand, design and packaging consideration drive sales in other industries, eclipsing pricing in relative importance for buyers.

Positive Branding

The key to repeat sales is tying your brand to positive experiences for the consumers who buy your products and use your services. Image and perception play large roles, but fundamental performance success is at the heart of branding victories. Your target audience also drives branding and positioning approaches, steering efforts toward the right consumers. Marketing success stories emerge when an inspired customer base knows exactly where to buy your products, and does so; repeatedly.

Feedback - Self-assessment furnishes vital marketing information, but nothing supports your efforts more than first-hand feedback from customers and clients. More than ever, buyers share information with one-another, utilizing online resources to trade product information. As such, it is imperative to make marketing adjustments, according to recommendations from your customer base. Direct engagement with dissatisfied customers goes the extra mile preserving sales relationships.

While marketing tactics evolve continually, responding to market trends and consumer behavior, the heartbeat of successful campaigns has not changed significantly over the years. For the greatest success, marketers adopt long -range strategies, based on proven returns.

Author Bio:

This is a guest post by Sarah Brooks from She is a Houston based freelance writer and blogger. Questions and comments can be sent to brooks.sarah23 @

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