5 things event organizers can learn from the World Cup

Preparation is everything

It’s been a fun couple of weeks but before the world had succumbed to cup fever, the big story was how unprepared the host country had been. Even though Brazil was awarded the honor back in 2007, construction was still being performed on stadiums well after kick off, leading to the phrase “#The cup will not be held” trending all over Latin American social networks. (Just imagine that kind of pre-event social media attention). If Brazil had a plan, it is clear that it fell by the way side long ago and as so often happens with badly prepared projects, the solution was to then plug all the holes with money.  With an already blown out budget of approx. US11 billion, it’s no wonder that Brazil has seen social unrest across the country. And all the economic and social issues will not be walking off the field when the final full time whistle sounds.

Goals are scored by the entire team, not just the striker
There is no I in team. Yes this is a boring cliché lazily thrown around by children’s sport coaches, but it’s easy to forget when you are the one popping and locking on the showroom floor. As event managers have to wear many hats, many feel the need to take control of all facets of a project. Relax and learn to play to the strengths of your team. Task Delegation will not only ease your life and enable you to focus on more relevant issues, but will make your entire team run more efficiently and effectively. It takes everyone to get the ball to the back of the net.

Get ready to take on the “What ifs”

Do you have a back-up plan for when the exhibition centers Wi-Fi is performing like Spain’s defense against the Nederland’s?  Every event is filled with the unexpected, and being a dynamic Event manager means being prepared for all the “what ifs” that come your way.

Some fancy footwork

It’s true that recognition comes from repetition. This is why everyone knows that Brazil are in with a good chance of winning. And also why McDonalds spend a ball park figure of 20-25 million per year in World Cup sponsorship, all so they can have the golden arches on the stadium barriers come game time. The ethical grey area that is the world’s most dominant fast food conglomerate sponsoring the world’s biggest sporting event doesn’t matter in the end because, hey, that’s a lot of exposure and McDonalds have that budget. But that doesn’t stop those without Big Mac dollars from making a lot of noise. It just means you must be a little clever. Explore innovative ways of achieving your event goals and growing your brand. Try new technologies and new methods of engagement. Think Costa Rica vs Italy. You may not get the win every time, but when you do, it is the one people will be talking about.

Be inspired

Every event is potentially your world cup. All eyes are on you and it’s your time to shine. Use this energy to rise to the occasion.

(Image source- Wikipedia Commons)