Professional Flake Flooring System from A&I Coatings

A&I Coatings, a leading vendor of high-performance coatings, innovates its flake flooring system. With the seamless Enviroflake system, customers can enjoy more value-for-money with the exceptional craftsmanship of this product.

[NEW SOUTH WALES, July 11, 2014] – A&I Coatings, a family-owned trader of first-rate coatings,takes its product line a level higher. The company has improved its Enviroflake seamless flooring system whilst maintaining the excellent attributes its previous versions had.


The Seamless Advantage

Installing the Enviroflake system is very easy, as it is designed for brushes and rollers. But beyond this, the real catch in A&I Coatings’ most recent innovation is its flexibility.

One of Enviroflake’s key traits is its applicability to almost any environment. Regardless whether the location experiences moderate or severe traffic or it is placed inside or outside a structure, the Enviroflake system can do its job efficiently. This seamless flooring system has proven to be an exceptional decorative finish for kitchen floors, retail shops, garages, showrooms, and many other surfaces.

Enviroflake is also the hygienic choice, as it is very easy to clean and it resists bacteria. This is mainly due to its design. There are no joint lines where grout can proliferate, making it easy to clean and maintain.

A&I Coatings has provided the Enviroflake with different colour combinations and finish. Customers can choose from a variety of shades to ensure perfect harmony with their property’s interior design. At the same time, buyers have the option of going for gloss or satin finish for maximal aesthetic appeal.


The A&I Expertise

The A&I expertise makes the company’s product line stand out. With heavy emphasis on competency, the firm uses only the finest materials and most innovative techniques to craft the right solution for the right requirement.

A&I Coatings believes that with quality workmanship, every solution will yield excellent results and ensure the best value for its price.


About A&I Coatings

A&I Coatings is one of the leading companies in Australia that offers high-quality residential and commercial coatings. The company works on solutions based on polyurethanes, epoxies, membranes, and fluoropolymers. They continue to challenge the field and develop products for local and international niche markets.

Guided by the values of competency, honesty, vision, and customer service, A&I Coatings is truly one of the most respected brands in its industry.

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