Hand-Bottled and Individually-Capped Craft Cocktails Launch at Providence New American Kitchen and The Drum Room Lounge

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (September 18, 2014) – Providence New American Kitchen wants spirit lovers to reimagine the cocktail by bringing the growing trend of bottled craft cocktails to Kansas City. Each craft cocktail, hand bottled and individually capped, is created by local award winning mixologist and bar manager Brock Schulte. The three new hand-bottled cocktails, The Zen of Gin; Juarez, Margarita and PFG Highball, are all served in six ounce champagne-style glass bottles. A Drum Room favorite, Sassy’s Champagne Cocktail joins the new hand-bottled lineup.

Providence continues to elevate Kansas City’s cocktail culture by offering fresh and exciting options. Schulte and his team of mixologists introduced barrel-aged cocktail creations last year and continue to provide a unique and regularly changing cocktail choice for Drum Room guests. Recently, in a nod to the Prohibition Era, when champagne flowed freely, Providence became the only restaurant in Kansas City to serve Dom Pérignon by the glass,

“Bottling the cocktails improves efficiency, the consistency of each flavor and makes things behind the bar go much faster and much smoother,” said Brock Schulte, bar manager at The Drum Room. “The bottling system we use is one created by legendary bartender Jerry Thomas and dates back to the late 1800s.”

Each of the cocktails is hand-crafted, hand-bottled and individually-capped by Schulte, a well-established mixologist in Kansas City. He uses his knowledge of Prohibition-era cocktails to enhance the flavors, quality and styles of each seasonal cocktail menu item.

“The bottles help me ensure that a drink goes out quickly, every time someone orders one,” Schulte said. “Any time a customer comes in, we have at least 70 bottles ready to go.”

Bottled Cocktails include:

  • The Zen of Gin – Sure to be a favorite among area gin lovers, this drink features Sapphire East Gin, fresh honeydew and Keemun tea syrup.
  • Juarez, Margarita – Named in honor of Benito Juarez, president of Mexico during the mid-19th century and his wife, Margarita. The drink is a fresh mix of Tequila Ocho Plata, peach lavender soda and Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao to create a taste that is Mexican-inspired with Kansas City influences.
  • PFG Highball – A favorite among Providence and Drum Room staff, this drink features Lapsang-infused Old Grand Dad and black pepper lemon soda.
  • Sassy’s Champagne Cocktail – Named for the inimitable Sarah Vaughn, this drink features lime juice, season fruit shrub, vodka and topped with Prosecco.

Along with the new cocktails, well-known customer favorites The Real McCoy, Ford’s Bramble Tonic and Truman-hattan return. The cocktails continue to pay tribute in the name and spirit to the historic American setting in which they are served.

“We’ve received excellent feedback with the four cocktails that we’re bottling now.” Schulte said. “Drum Room customers could anticipate more of their favorite cocktails in bottles in the future.”

About Providence New American Kitchen

Providence New American Kitchen is a locally-owned, full-service contemporary American restaurant featuring locally sourced ingredients located in the historic Hilton Hotel President at 1329 Baltimore in downtown Kansas City, Mo. The restaurant is accompanied by The Drum Room Lounge, a notable bar and cocktail lounge with an illustrious history in the Hilton Hotel President. Opened on Oct. 11, 2012, Providence New American Kitchen offers a common place to gather in an intimate 5,000-square-foot setting with a dining experience similar to a Midwestern supper club with a concentrated homage to Americana.  Based on the rich history of the restaurant’s location, Providence New American Kitchen creates a warm atmosphere incorporating reclaimed wood and colorful art prints depicting the nation’s history. Beautifully crafted cuisine and cocktails with simple, fresh ingredients and attention to the comfort of Midwestern flavors are noted in the menu, with a variety of appetizers, entrees and desserts offered to intimate diners or large groups. Lunch is served daily, 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m., and dinner is served nightly, starting at 5:00 p.m. A weekday happy hour is served from 4:00 – 6:30 p.m. in the Drum Room Lounge. Cocktails and a full bar are served daily until late into the evening. For more information on Providence New American Kitchen, visit or call (816) 303-1686. Learn the latest updates on Providence New American Kitchen by “liking” the restaurant on Facebook at or follow on Twitter at @ProvidenceKitch. Reservations and private dining accommodations are available and can be booked through the website or by calling the restaurant.