Huntersville School, Legacy Leadership Academy, announces Kay Fisher as a parent ambassador.

Kay Fisher, Parent Ambassador

We are excited to welcome Kay Fisher to the Legacy Leadership Academy family as a Parent Ambassador for our Huntersville school.

Kay’s daughter, Maddie, will start kindergarten this fall at Legacy after attending Legacy’s sister preschool, Discovery Village Academy in Cornelius. With Kay’s community involvement, background in marketing and passion for the mission of Lake Norman's Legacy Leadership Academy, Kay will be an advocate for our school, our students, and our parents.

Kay and her husband, Brian, have two other children- Elijah, who was born in March of this year and Noah, who is in the 3-year-old class at Discovery Village. They look forward to watching their three children learn and grow with our school-

“As local Realtors, even before we had children, Brian and I were conscientious to the needs of our clients and their desire for the best education for their children. As parents, we have a responsibility that the path we choose for our own children’s education is the right one. The vision of a school centered on Leadership through Strengths-Based Education resonated with me.

I’ve had Stephen Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” in my collection since high school and use various personality tests in our business. I even use our Babysitters’ “Myers-Brigg Type Indicator” to communicate with them about our children! We feel having a school where the teachers can identify and teach to strengths of the individual student will allow our children to develop a love for learning and we have already seen the results from their time at Discovery Village Academy. The intimacy of a small school offers several benefits and the opportunity to witness the children of Legacy Class of ’29 grow into the leaders of tomorrow is exciting.”

Kay is on the boards of the Huntersville Happy Hour Rotary Club/Chair of Youth Services and Davidson Lands Conservancy/Co-Chair of the Outreach Committee. She is a member of the Keller Williams Agent Leadership Council/Education Chair and the Lake Norman Home Builders Association, Mentorship Program and Recruiting Program within her office and various environmental organizations in the Lake Norman area.