Finally! A Blog System That Is Easy for Internet Marketers

Have you ever come close to punching a hole in the wall trying to figure out your WordPress blog?

Maybe you wanted to pick up your cat and throw it across the room you were so irritated?

Yes. We have all been there with our blogs (except the programmer who can kiss it). For the rest of us beginners who make the classic confused George Bush Jr. face when we see code, we just want an easier way.

So let us welcome the fantastic done-for-you blogging platform that the Internet Lifestyle Network offers as a part of their membership. Finally, network marketers can focus on the important stuff like creating content and getting their blog in front of the right eyeballs for their business.

So what exactly does the Internet Lifestyle Network blog platform entail? Well let's break it down and go over all the juicy details together.

1. It is fully customizable

Exorcise the worry of having a standard template blog that looks the exact same as everyone else's. Yes, they have a similar layout, but the color styling, font, blog header and background graphics, link color and sidebar can all be tailored to your own individual liking. Now you can build your purple cow just like Seth Godin suggests.

Take every nook and cranny of your site and do whatever you want with it. Another cool feature is being able to add in a youtube video right on your home page. As network marketers know, video marketing is a powerful tool to attract prospects into your business opportunity. People just vibe with it, and what better way to introduce people to your website than with a powerfully shot video.

You can check out some pictures of how this looks at

2. Email Opt-In Form Integration

All marketers know that the power is in the list. Marketers also know how powerful it is to have email opt-in forms on the front home page where most traffic will see the opt-in and be enticed to punch their email address in for that free ebook. It doesn't matter if you have aweber, getresponse, mailchimp or a dozen others. Vincent Ortega Jr, co-founder of ILN, has made sure that you can integrate your opt-in form code so you can scoop up new leads to your business. Boom!

3. Optimized for Mobile

I don't know the statistic but it is ridiculously stupid how many people are using their smartphones to navigate the web these days. A quick way to shoot our blog in the face is not having it optimized for mobile devices. Thankfully, your blog is saved because the ILN blogs are designed for mobile so have no fears.

4. Built Around WordPress

Hurray! We still get to use the most common content management system in the world with our done-for-you blogs. Yes, WordPress can be a pain in the butt to setup from scratch, but when all the complicated stuff is taken care of then you can eat the fruits other other peoples labor. So don't be afraid of losing WordPress SEO for Yoast plugin. If you are a total newb then you didn't even get that, but you will soon.

The bottom line is that any network marketer who wants to make a good income online, have access to a formidable training library, AND be able to have a bad*ss blog...the Internet Lifestyle Network delivers.

Go here for a full detailed post with cool pictures.