Abom, Inc. Files 29th Patent Application for No-Fog Goggles

May 14, 2015 (Portland, Ore.) – Abom, Inc. (Abom), which already possesses three U.S. patents for its award-winning, fog-free sports goggles, just filed its 29th patent application entitled: Goggle with Easily Interchangeable Lens that is Adaptable for Heating to Prevent Fogging. The new patent follows in the company’s strategy of aggressively protecting its intellectual property.

“We’ve adopted a picket-fence patent strategy to aggressively protect not only our product inventions, but also every aspect of our intellectual property,” states Jack Cornelius, Abom, Inc. CEO. “We’re building a wall around the market to prevent competitive entrants and support an aggressive licensing program for our KLAIR™ brand.”

Invisible and completely silent, KLAIR works like the rear window in a car. A thin-film transparent heating system is placed in between a two-part lens and is powered by two small, lightweight lithium-ion batteries. The heater works to keep the temperature just above dew point, which keeps fog away. 


About Abom, Inc. 
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