Rock Center Summer Style Guide 2015 Release

Rockefeller Center recently released their style guide for the 2015 summer season. The Rockefeller Center Style Guides are visually creative product catalogues that are released twice a year, once during the winter holiday season and once in the summer. GHD has been a part of designing these style guides for two years now. For this season's edition, we took inspiration from the farmers' markets that pepper the city during the warm months. From chalky typography to rustic materials, the design of the guide was a nod to the fresh offerings available in markets during the summer. We used a rich color palette to evoke the warmth of the season and to compliment the products from the variety of stores at Rock Center.  We also paired produce and flowers with the style guide picks to give the final images a sunny, artisanal, fresh-from-the-farm feel. Anyone can pick up their own copy of the guide in the lobby of 30 Rock to peruse through all of the stylish summer products, but it's also online here