Regal Assets Advises Investment in Gold for Retirement

California – January, 2014. Regal Assets has advised people saving for retirement that at least part of their IRA should be backed by gold instead of just the stock market. A gold investment makes much more sense, the company claims, because the stock market is simply too volatile. A gold investment, on the other hand, has a very good history of tracking inflation. In short, for the most part the value of gold rises on par with the value of goods and the cost of living. A Gold IRA Rollover is a better hedge against an uncertain future, because it simply doesn’t have the same degree of risk compared to the stock market which is more prone to crashes.  

With a Gold IRA Rollover, a person saving for retirement does not actually physically possess the gold itself, even though they have officially purchased it. This is against IRS rules and can result in taxes and penalties. Instead, the purchase is directed to a custodian, which usually charges a percentage of the value of the gold that is being stored.

Yet even though an investor cannot physically touch the gold, they own it nonetheless. This means that they can sell it, once the price goes higher as it invariably does. And that’s where the profit and the security come from.

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Based in Burbank, California, Regal Assets is a renowned dealer in precious metals. Its services include acquiring many different types of gold, silver, platinum and palladium bars and numismatics, as well as setting up Precious Metal IRAs. Due to its plentitude of ready products, the precious metals dealer offers their clients a guarantee of delivery in just seven days, a delivery speed that’s unmatched in the industry. For more information, please visit

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