Global Commn meet to X-Ray media social media

·         Focus on Responsible Communication

·         GenX to get opportunity to express


MUMBAI: With the media and social media style of coverage of some recent happenings coming under attack, a global communication conclave is being held at Mumbai on February 14 and 15 focusing on Responsible Communication.

Hosted by the Public Relations Council of India (PRCI), with members drawn from across PR, advertising, HR, media and academicians in the country, the Conclave is being held in association with the Press Club, Mumbai.

Probably for the first time, the GenX will get an opportunity to express itself on a global platform. As a run-up for the Conclave, PRCI is holding will hold an inter-mass communication college contest on the theme. Each mass communication college has been invited to send a team of up to three students. Five top winning teams from the contest will be eligible to participate in a panel discussion at the Conclave.

Chairman of the 8th Global Communication Conclave B N Kumar, who is also the Executive Director of Concept Public relations, said: Communication, as is well known, is a potent, double-edged weapon. Depending on the usage, it can be constructive and even destructive. Of late, plenty of heat has been generated on the way people in various sections of the society – from corporate to media to politicians - have been communicating.”

“Apart from print and television, social media has witnessed an explosive growth in terms of its wide audience and even participants. We have experienced the disastrous effects of irresponsible communication in social media,” Kumar pointed out and remarked: “Anyone with an Internet connection and a mobile phone is a potential broadcaster.”

“Technology that is supposed to facilitate seamless communication on a 24x7 basis is liable to be misused for ulterior motives. “With all these aspects in mind, we plan to have intense debates during the two days of the conclave,” Kumar said.

The PRCI have been witnessing an unprecedented enthusiasm form among the younger generation and mass communication students for all its activities. The focus on GenX is bound to raise interest levels in the Conclave.

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Apart from holding interesting panel discussions etc,, PRCI will also present its signature Chanakya Awards for achievers, the PR Hall of Fame honours and a host of Collateral Awards.