Noninvasive Cancer Treatment To Use Human Cell Power To Fight The Disease

Groundbreaking research to help millions

27th MARCH 2014: Cancer, a fatal condition can often leave an individual and his loved ones in pain. The symptoms can be rather devastating and the cancer treatment generally subscribed in hospitals all across the world can add to the pain as it comes with unwanted side effects. There is however, light at the end of the tunnel and a shimmering ray of hope to those who are on the verge of giving up. Perseus Inc. brings to patients and their families a treatment that is noninvasive, 100% natural and effective.

Perseus Inc. has been closely involved in the development of the cancer treatment which uses body’s own cells to fight the disease. The treatment provided can be an effective substitute to chemotherapy and radiation which often come with undesired side effects. The Personalized Cancer Immunotherapeutics (PCI) deployed at Perseus are licensed by and principally based on Dr. Wagner’s research breakthroughs, which helped launch gene-based medicine and other aspects of the biotech industry.

The immunotherapuetics is a cancer treatment mechanism which teaches the body to fight the disease using its own cells. The treatment is administered via injection once for every four months. The treatment is meant for solid tumor cancer. The treatment and its technology’s safety and effectiveness has been proven in U.S. FDA sanctioned trials, and while the U.S. approval process is ongoing, the Health Practice Commission of the Cayman Islands has been approved for “Clinical Research” only and each participant will be carefully screened before admission to the research and full disclosure given prior to any potential participant.

About Us:

Dr. Thomas E. Wagner, Ph.D. is the woman behind this revolutionary cancer treatment known as the Perseus PCI. The fact that the treatment has no side effects and lets the body naturally fight the disease is a great start for those who want to be treated in the most natural manner possible. The treatment follows an approach that the body understands and therefore, plays a big role in bringing the best results.

Dr. Wagner has been a pioneer in the cancer treatment research for many decades now. Her research, expertise and experience have helped patients all over undergo a pain free treatment with sustainable results. To know more about the immunotherapy and to get in touch with Dr. Wagner, log onto

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