Joanne Schwartz, online therapist, has received great reviews from her clients and an incredibly high success rate. Schwartz’s online counselling has been very beneficial to clients facing numerous issues such as addiction, depression, grief, life transitions and family and marital problems.

Through her online counselling program, clients are able to meet with Joanne Schwartz via Skype or Internet chat program. The benefits of online conselling is that clients can choose which method they would like to use when meeting with Joanne Schwartz. For example, if they are not comfortable doing a video or voice call, clients are able to use instant messages through Skype counselling.

Schwartz has been working with clients in the British Columbia and Yukon areas. She also makes sure to provide a comfortable environment over the Internet. Each session is 100% confidential.

Joanne Schwartz has worked with people coping with many issues. She often works closely with couples and families to help them achieve greater communication and manage their relationship problems. 

One client stated, “Joanne’s presence as a neutral third party helped us better recognize and fulfill one another’s needs, acknowledge the validity of our reactions, and reduce triggers for conflict.”

Schwartz is focused on ensuring that each person trusts her and builds a strong therapist-client relationship. As a client, she wants you to feel confident during your online counselling session.

“Joanne’s warmth and keen sense of humor made me feel like we were taking a trusted friend into our confidence rather than allowing a sterile professional to judge us or invade our privacy,” stated another satisfied client.

If you are having difficulty coping with the loss of a loved one, find yourself depressed or having difficulties in your relationship with a spouse, family member or significant other, you should seek the counselling from Joanne Schwartz today.

About Joanne Schwartz, MSW, RSW

Joanne Schwartz is an online counsellor in Vancouver, British Columbia. With over ten years of experience working with clients, she has helped many clients work through their problems. Joanne has a Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of British Columbia and a degree in Conflict Resolution from the University of Winnipeg. She also runs support groups and has worked with clients in many different stages of their life. 

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