A Free Video Compressor that’s Flexible and Robust

USA – Part of today’s digital culture is continual sharing and exchange of audio visual content, across multiple platforms, devices and formats. The need of the hour therefore is of a compression software that allows users to convert, compress and share the video files they choose. The Free Video Compressor is the ideal conversion tool for this purpose.

One might feel that there is potentially no limit to the number of video files that one might have in their communication devices, be it mobile phones, computers or media players. But eventually, everyone hits the wall of shortage of space. Rather than losing peace over which files to delete and which ones to keep, a more prudent option would be to install the free video compressor.

This conversion tool compresses video files into multiple digital video formats that include MPEG, AVI, FLV, 3GP, WMA and more! What is great about this software tool is that the size of the output file is entirely in the hands of the users. It is they who get to decide how large or small the compressed and converted video should be, based on the space ration in their devices.

This software tool is positioned to be as ubiquitous as the Windows OS it functions on. It is for this reason that it is totally free of cost and is devoid of hidden costs or the trouble of sign ups. What is more is that it takes very little time to download, thanks to the fact that it is does not bring with it unwanted malware and unnecessary adware. A major part of its appeal lies in the fact that it has an extremely simple and clean user-interface that draws in even first time users or those who are seemingly technophobic.

With a single click on the ‘compress’ button, before which users can make a whole gamut of modifications to the output file size, format, ratio of height and width and more, they will be well on their way to eliminating the need to delete their favorite videos for want of space.

About Us:

Video Compressor is a freeware from a trusted company that allows users to compress and convert video files into multiple formats.

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