Young Entrepreneurs

    When local Riverton Middle School student Lukas Engle wanted to make some money this summer he asked his mother Dawna Engle if he could use part of her garden's produce to sell at the Farmer's Market. Donna was not interested in giving up her personal produce and told him to ask the owner of a neighboring vacant lot if he could use it to grow his own garden, and that is where it all began!

    Today, like every other day this summer, you can find Lukas, his friend Conner Devires and sometimes little brother Parker Devries, weeding, watering and tending to their huge lot size garden hidden behind some trees on Park Street in Riverton. Lukas did ask the owner of the lot, Renee Nichole's, if he could use her property. Renee gave him permission, looked to the irrigation rights and paid the fee so they could water their garden in exchange for the boys clearing the lot.

     According to Dawna, Lukas' mom, both the boys are really hard workers. She said, "Lukas has always enjoyed gardening and the boys have done almost all of the work."  They are growing corn, beans, potatoes, onions, peppers, jalapenos, bell peppers, one watermelon and spaghetti squash. They've spent about $100+ on seeds and repairs getting the pump running. Besides the money they are hoping to make from selling the produce Lukas is also earning his gardening and finance merit badge for scouts. On top of sports, scout camp and school starting next week, they are making time to take care of their garden.

    Lukas and Conner were at the farmer's market last Wednesday and will be there again this Wednesday. If you want to support some local young entrepreneurs stop by their booth!