Natural Remedies For Mid-Cycle Spotting In Women

Mid-cycle spotting can be due to benign or serious reasons. Mid-cycle spotting occurs during Ovulation, usually between ten to fourteen days prior to menstrual flow. It is not like bleeding, small amount of blood is passed out which is just enough to form a spot, it does not flow out of female genital passage and can only be seen when passage is wiped. The vaginal mucous can change its color to pink, brown or bright red. In many ways spotting is helpful as it occurs during Ovulation hence helps in determining peak fertility period; however there are other reasons which can also cause this problem. Proper diagnoses of the problem is needed to determine the cause of the problem as it can be due to benign reasons or may be a symptom of major underlying medical condition.

Ovulation is one of the major causes of Mid-cycle spotting, when egg bursts out of follicles it can cause spotting in many women. This is an excellent sign of fertility and can help couples in planning pregnancy. This spotting can last for two to three hours or one to two days depending upon the estrogen hormone level in woman's body. Lack of estrogen can lead to bleeding by shrinking endometrium or cervix. Pregnancy is another cause of Mid-cycle spotting, when a fertilized egg burrows its way in the endometrial lining it can cause minor blood release. Women are not aware of pregnancy at this time and it can be an early sign of conception. 

Hormonal fluctuations also cause Mid-cycle spotting, progesterone prepares endometrial lining for receiving fertilized egg, when fertilization does not occur there is sharp drop in the level of progesterone, and sudden drop in progesterone levels can cause the problem. Uterine Fibroids are benign and harmless tumors in the Uterus but can cause Mid-cycle spotting. Though causes of Uterine Fibroids are not known but beer consumption, hypertension, early menstruation and frequent infections in genitals can cause their growth and initiate Mid-cycle spotting in women. Women who have just begun to consume oral contraceptives or do not take at a fixed time everyday may also face this problem initially for few months, IUD are also well-known for initiating this problem. 

Amongst serious causes of the problem Uterine cancer, Cervical cancer, Cervical Polyps, Cervical erosion, foreign object in Vagina or Uterus, and infections in Vagina, Cervix or Uterus cause Mid-cycle spotting. Thyroid malfunctioning, higher insulin levels and certain medications can also initiate this problem. Women facing spotting between anticipated periods due to Ovulation may feel pain in either side of lower abdomen, on whichever side is the Ovary producing egg. Though mostly conditions causing spotting are benign but medical advice is necessary to deal with it in proper manner and avoid complications.  

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