Iwoody: Remarkable Wood Design USB Wall Charger Launches On Kickstarter


Philadelphia, PA (April 17, 2014) – iWoody, a uniquely made wood designed USB wall charger launches on Kickstarter. This wall charger is made off with an unusual water- transfer wood design, both for iPhone and Android devices. Brett and Steven, the entrepreneurs and health care professionals, have come up with the innovative designs after an extensive work of 16 years.

The iWoody USB wall charger is designed by talented professionals, who have successfully come up with the unusual water-transfer design that is found to be significantly different from regular single color designs, available in the market. This cell phone charger is considered to be a perfect embodiment of the combination of vintage, classic styles, mixed with modern touch. The technically designed charger is made to comply with USB iPhones, USB devices and mini USB cables that are generally found in Android devices.

Discussing about the newly designed mobile charger, the designer comments, “We have designed and worked on this mobile accessory, keeping my father in mind, who was a prominent innovator and entrepreneur. He has been a successful owner in the wood business, from 1961. He is currently suffering from lung disease. This specific design is developed with his inspirations and we are dedicating this item to honor him.”

This product is made after the collaboration with the manufacturers. The designs are featured on laminates, hard woods to highlight the designs. The first shell is manufactured and made ready for casing, after making two minor adjustments with the wood grain design work. The manufacturers have combined cherry, maple and oak woods with a modern touch, to come up with the grain design.

The designers are looking for extra funding to purchase bigger orders, apart from designing the supplemental products of iWoody. The designers roughly take few days to ship the wall chargers to their backers. The trustworthy manufactures has been working with the designers for almost two years.

The USB wall chargers of the iWoody have created a huge buzz in the market. Peter J has recently received his shipment of the wall chargers of this company. According to him, “I have loved the designs of iWoody. The wall chargers are of great quality as well. They not only look good and appealing, but also cater to the basic charging need to a great extent. I have never found a better looking designer charger than this, for my smart phones. I am really thankful to the designers for their great creation.”

About iWoody:
iWoody is a wood design USB cable charger. This designer Charger brand is launched in the web based platform of Kick Starter. For more information please visit  

Brett Wex
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