Oil Well Stimulation and Enhanced Oil Recovery Markets in Russia 2013 and Forecasts for These Markets Until 2020 include new market research report"Oil Well Stimulation and Enhanced Oil Recovery Markets in Russia 2013 and Forecasts for These Markets Until 2020 " to its huge collection of research reports.

The purpose of this study is to provide a detailed analysis of the markets for oil well stimulation and enhanced oil recovery (EOR) in Russia, including a description of the main indicators of the E&P sector: output of crude oil, exploratory and development drilling, well servicing, stimulation jobs, oil recovery using secondary and tertiary oil recovery methods. Separate analysis will be provided for the following segments: horizontal drilling, side-tracking, hydrofacturing, bottomhole acidizing, chemical flooding, thermal EOR, injecting water and gas into the reservoir, as well as complex tertiary EOR methods. The report estimates the value of this market for each segment under review from 2013 through 2020. 

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RPI has tracked the development of Russia’s E&P sector for over 20 years, thus enabling the company’s analysts to offer deep insights into the prospects and risks inherent in the country’s production ventures. RPI’s analysts are also well versed in Russia’s hydrocarbon resource base, and this allows them to provide a cutting–edge assessment of EOR techniques. 
The study provides detailed information on the main oil service companies that render EOR services in Russia. It also analyzes the needs and approaches to the procurement of EOR services by Russian VICs and independent companies.
The key sections of the report provide the following information: 

Main indicator of the Russian oil industry. This section gives the key performance indicators (KPI) of the oil production industry, including output volumes, drilling, and the number of stimulation jobs involving EOR. 
An evaluation of the EOR market in Russia. This section quantifies the main segments of the market in terms of monetary value. It analyzes the competitive environment, giving a breakdown of the market in terms of the main service providers. The main customers are reviewed, as well as their share in the overall use of services. 

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Analysis of main service users. This section analyzes the needs and approaches to the procurement of EOR services by Russian VICs and independent companies. 
Analysis of main EOR service providers. This section offers overviews on key contractors on the EOR market in Russia. Each overview provides background information on the company and its owners, financial status, a list of available services and production facilities, as well as operating indicators. 
Forecast of Russian oil well stimulation and EOR markets from 2013 through 2020. This section is devoted to a forecast for the markets, estimating the value of each segment based on the needs of Russia’s E&P sector in light of the production targets announced by domestic oil companies. In crafting this forecast, a number of factors come into play, including incremental production from low-porosity reservoirs, incremental production from high-viscosity and high-paraffin crude, as well as production from low-rate wells.  

This product could be a valuable tool in the strategic decision-making process of oil service companies and companies that manufacture equipment used to perform oil well stimulation and EOR operations and are interested in rolling out their business in Russia. The report makes it possible to evaluate the most rapidly growing segments of the market, gain a better understanding of customers and current market trends, and also forecast the market’s expansion in the coming years.
The report’s forecasts and assumptions on probable development of oil well stimulation and EOR markets in Russia are based on a detailed analysis of information gained from reliable sources. This allows the reader to size up the market’s growth potential, opportunities, risks and threats both for the market as a whole and for its various players. 

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