How restaurants can benefit from POS system?

If you run cash only restaurant, then you might be missing out some grave moola by limiting client payment options. Though some independent, small restaurant concepts such as sandwich carts and food trucks may operate as the cash only, full-service corner café or restaurant is doing itself disservice by refusing the credit card payments.


Certainly, the cash only concepts make sense at the face value. Any mom-and-pop cafe or restaurant might not feel that it can afford to recompense merchant fees with every transaction, varying from 1.5 percent to 3 percent. For small business that’s trying to get off ground, keeping the overhead cost low is crucial.


But what if introduction of the POS System with basic credit card payment can dramatically boost every day sales in small restaurant?Restaurants concept that restrict themselves to only cash payment may turn clients away at door which don't have money on hand; they’re missing out on major portion of market shares.


5        restaurant POS software benefits that will enhance your daily sales

1. Opens door to more clients. As mentioned above, if a client wishes to pay with the credit card, then they won't be capable to eat at cash only restaurant, simple and plain. While a restaurant might have ATM on-site, lots of clients will be unwilling to pay needless ATM fees simply to buy meal with hard, cold cash.


2. Prevent the order errors. A contented client is one which is possible to return over and over. When your restaurant transition to the front of house as well as back of house POS Software, it immediately will improve communication between the servers and your kitchen staff. If you’re currently using handwritten ticket, unnecessary errors that are caused by awful handwriting will be totally eliminated as every order is input into a computer directly.


3. Track the inventory. For small restaurant that wants to truly keep overhead cost to a minimum, carefully inventory tracking is vital. A point of sale system can track your food stock and also can alert servers when popular menu items have sold out. Precise inventory tracking will then keep food cost low; the restaurant can buy only ingredients which are required so that surplus inventory doesn't ruin.


4. Quicker checkouts. A fast-pace corner café greatly can benefit from introduction of any restaurant POS Singapore system over the cash payment system only. With line out door, time is wealth. A business requires being capable to cash out clients as fast as possible using proficient credit card payment, in addition to the optional money.


5. Split tickets. The party which wishes to split check in cash only restaurant tends to be a nightmare, to mention the least. The hand splitting tickets can take numerous minutes and likely is to lead to errors. With the usage of a restaurant Point Of Sale system, splitting ticket with numerous credit card payment is almost immediate to keep clients happy as well as contented (and probable to return back) with timely checkout.