Celebrate Geography Awareness Week with 3 New Field Trips will release 3 brand new field trips in celebration of Geography Awareness Week and GIS Day -

The virtual field trips, which are aimed at K-12 Educators and Students, cover a range of subjects recommended by teachers via the company's Field Trip Library educational platform.

Field Trip Library uses Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology to simplify complex events and subjects while engaging users through interactivity. Each subject is broken down into points of interest, enabling the student to view the subject through a series of significant locations.

Each point of interest is embellished with additional materials such as videos, primary source materials, illustrations and activities.

The addition of these three new field trips will bring the number available to 13, and cover the following topics:

  • The Thirteen Colonies
  • The Slave Trade
  • The Water Cycle
Field Trip Library uses GIS Technology similar to that used in live online mapping used by millions of consumers for driving directions, data analysis and other location-driven activities. GIS Day, this year on November 19th, celebrates the difference that Geographic Information Systems make to our everyday lives.

Geography Awareness Week is an attempt to alert citizens of the United States in particular to the importance of Geo-spatial issues and concepts, and their impacts as global citizens.

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