Massive Snickers Cup was a fine way to spend Mother's Day

(Big Horn, Wyo) – A triumphant cheer rose up from the spectators watching a distant soccer game. Barely thirty seconds had elapsed since the last wild screams from a more close-by contest. With 24 soccer fields in constant use, the cries of excitement were virtually non-stop at the Snickers Cup Soccer Tournament at the Big Horn Equestrian Center over Mother’s Day weekend.
Although Saturday was overcast, Sunday was windy, and haze from the fire in Alberta was persistent, no one seemed to be paying any particular attention to the weather. Players and spectators were fully invested in every single game as a dramatic opportunity for victory or defeat. The sportsmanship and skill on display was truly impressive.
When not caught up in the thrill of the sport, families ordered food from vendors or tried out the giant bouncy slide. Younger siblings practiced on the sidelines for the day that their chance would come. On Sunday afternoon, medals were awarded, high fives were exchanged, pictures were taken, and everyone headed for their cars. Here’s looking forward to next year!