Hand Videos over and Obtain Golden Gnomes Awards in RuneFest 2016

Runefest 2016 is approaching instantly. It is the Oscars of the Runescape world. There could be no Runefest devoid of the prestigious Golden Gnome Awards. It will be a live ceremony and will recognize the best video making within the community. This year 15 gnomes are up for grabs. Here details about it are listed below.

15 gnomes for grabs this year

There will be the best Old School video maker, best Old School video, best Old School streamer, and the best Old School streaming moment in Old School Runescape.

Also, there will be the best Runescape video maker, best Runescape video, best Runescape streamer, and the best Runescape streaming moment in Runescape.

In addition, there will be the best artist, best artist creation, best cosplay – player selected, best cosplay – Jmob selected, community champion, hall of fame, and lifetime achievement in the community.

Submit your nominations for deserving winners in some categories

To make these Golden Gnome awards as successful as they can be, several of the categories need your nominations for deserving winners.

There are the best Runescape video, best Runescape streaming moment, best Old School video, best Old School streaming moment, best artist creation and community champion.

It is open to vote to determine the shortlist of talented creators who will stand for the awards at the event itself.

It is announced that it will be held at Battersea Evolution in London for Runefest 2016, and it will be streamed on September 17. Are you eager to submit your brilliant video and win rewards? By the way, if you don’t have enough RS gold in your bank, you are welcomed to place an order on RSorder.