I-Connect Christian Singles is now bringing Christian singles together in love

For many people, dating is a strange or frightening thing. It's very hard to find that special someone who shares interests or hobbies, and it gets even harder when faith comes into the picture and people aren't entirely sure about what others believe.

The I-Connect Christian Singles dating service is a new way for people to search for that match made in Heaven, and without the hassle of spending all day on the computer. In fact, getting started is as easy as picking up the phone and listening, especially once someone's own greeting has been recorded! These vocal greetings offer a new way for people to express themselves, highlight their interests, and provide something for others to listen to - without the same security risks that come with posting personal information online.

However, many greetings will be played in a public area - after all, visitors can't exactly find each other if they're never put together! However, once the initial meeting has happened, many people would prefer the chance to have a little more privacy in their conversations. Whether it works out or not, most people don't want everyone else listening to their conversations, and the service has been set up specifically to enable private calls where people can talk in a little more comfort.

If things don't work out, specific users can be blocked with the simple press of a button. All communications will cease, and they will no longer even hear the greeting message from the user blocking them - this ability puts safety and control into the hands of users, and depending on how it's used, it can quickly work to narrow down the number of potential matches.

This Christian Dating Service also offers several other benefits for users. First, it's possible to have more than one person on the line at any given time - and that means that anyone who's scared to use the service alone can easily get come on with their friends and wipe their worries away. At the same time, it's possible to sign up for an automated service and receive messages while offline, allowing misses with potential matches to cease being problems.

It's very difficult for a date to ever begin without being able to meet people, and I-Connect Christian Singles is delighted to be able to provide precisely that service.


Since its founding, I-Connect Christian Singles has been dedicated to providing a safe, fun, and helpful dating service that allows people to be themselves while still protecting personal information as much as possible. Thoughtful communications offer users the chance to share the things that are most important in their lives, from their favorite television shows and movies to their thoughts on faith and salvation in Christ. Joining is easy, and for most users will take only a few minutes to complete. To learn more about this exciting opportunity for finding love, or to learn about the safety procedures that have been put into place, visit the official website of I-Connect Christian Singles at