Choosing wedding rings

Wedding rings are pieces of jewelry showcasing that their wearers are married. They symbolise love and affection, respect and appreciation, friendship and loyalty. But they also need to showcase the style and personality of the wearers.

That is why, before starting on a quest of finding the most appropriate wedding rings for you and your partner, you need to assess your style. If it is difficult for you to evaluate your own personality, ask a friend or family to name the most important features you have.

If you are glamorous and provocative, a diamond ring is the best option, and if you like to impress through your simplicity, a ring made entirely from titanium is one of the best choices. It is recommended that you purchase rings made from the same material for you and your partner.

Generally, the wedding band that will be worn by the wife highlights a precious or semi-precious stone. The husband can order a similar band, but if he does not want gemstones on his wedding band, he should at least order a band made from the same metal, wood, or alloy.

Speaking of materials from which jewelers create wedding or engagement rings, it is also worth mentioning that matching rings are a popular choice among couples that will soon be married. Moreover, ladies like to match their wedding ring to their engagement ring.

The first thing to start with when choosing the right wedding or engagement rings is thus related to the material and stone. Afterwards, the ring setting, and number of stones need to be considered. The shape and cut are also important, and so is the manufacturer.

Look into the meaning of the various materials and stones that can be used for manufacturing rings and take your budget into account as well. If money is not a problem, platinum rings that feature diamonds are recommended to anyone.

When it comes to ring settings that feature stones, the most popular types are: the prong setting, the bezel setting and the channel setting. The prong setting is the simplest one, featuring a number of prongs meant to hold the stones. The bezel setting refers to soldering stones to jewelry. The channel setting is the setting where stones are suspended between bars or channels.

If the stone selected for an engagement or wedding ring is diamond, couples need to take into consideration its 4 Cs: cut, clarity, colour and carat weight. The cut is the procedure of shaping and polishing a gem. The clarity is the unit of measurement that measures internal faults of a diamond. The colour represents the hue and intensity of a diamond. The carat weight represents the mass of a diamond.

Fashion statements, beautiful and memorable symbols, perfect medicine for the soul, this is how rings can be characterised. Whether they are made from gold, silver, stainless steel, feature a prong setting, or bezel setting, are round or oval cut, rings will always excite our imagination, please our senses and touch our soul.

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