Nutrition You Can Trust Provides in-Depth Information About Organic Whole Foods

Del Mar, California – January 24, 2014. Modern foods are causing more and more debilitating diseases and such reality has encouraged health conscious individuals and organizations to establish their own websites and blogs to help those who are seeking better health alternatives.

One such blog site is Nutrition You Can Trust which was established by Jon Antelline. Jon’s aim in establishing is to help people transform their lives for the better and take control of their health. The blog is an adjunct to his ReBoot Transformation Protocol, a 21-day cleanse combined with DiaIIN, a personalized holistic program which includes a diet plan and lifestyle coaching.

When one visits this website (, he will be presented with books that focus on nutrition. Jon has authored three books on this subject: “Back to Basics – Everything They Told You About Nutrition is Wrong”, “Reboot Quick and Easy Meals”, and “Nutrition You Can Trust Cookbook.” These books focus mainly on organic whole foods, organic food recipes and paleo diet recipes.

In addition, he also offers health and nutrition services on his blog. Jon has 10 kinds of nutritional services. These include “Private Nutritional Counseling”, “Clinical Nutraceutical Assessment”, “Nutrition Response Testing”, and “Emotional Repolarization Technique.”

Since this is a blog site, his readers are allowed to post their comments and reactions to whatever they read in it. They can also join his community through his Instagram, Facebook or Twitter account.

There is also a Newsletter section in the blog site where a person can keep abreast of the latest articles in health, natural food recipes, fitness and lifestyle designs. If a person wants to take control of his health, he may start by visiting Jon’s “Nutrition You Can Trust” blog.

About Nutrition You Can Trust

The blog was established by Jon Antelline in 2003 and has a growing number of followers at present. Jon is a clinical health practitioner with a multidisciplinary practice in California, U.S.A.  

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