Funny Guy EARLE MONROE Turns Redneck Love into Comedy Country Song/Video ‘MY DOUBLEWIDE HEART’


LOS ANGELES (November 10, 2015) – Comedian/Actor EARLE MONROE turns yearning good old boy for his new comedy country song and video, MY DOUBLEWIDE HEART, premiering today, November 10th, on YouTube ( The song is the lead single from his debut EP, WITH ALL DUE DISRESPECT..., a collection of four quirky genre-spanning songs, but all distinctly Monroe’s offbeat brand of comedy. 

MY DOUBLEWIDE HEART tells the story of the lovesick singer’s crude and country-fried dream girl, brought to life in the video by actress Jennifer Wenger (Sharktopus vs Whalewolf, Super Power Beat Down).

Monroe got the idea for the song unexpectedly while driving and singing to himself in the car, explaining “Apropos of nothing, the words ‘I want a woman who can burp the alphabet’ came out of my mouth, with the same melody that is in the final song.” From there the pieces came together to form a catchy country tune about a backwoods beauty and her love for boxed wine. A country fan from childhood, he aimed for a song well-written enough for radio but with his signature goofy lyrics. 

Currently available for purchase/download on iTunes and Amazon, WITH ALL DUE DISRESPECT… also includes the hilarious original tracks: Foreskin (I Want You Back!), The Ballad of the Woman with the Plumber’s Crack, and Easy Peasy. The EP and video were produced and directed by Monroe’s wife Arianna Ortiz, an actress/writer/director known for projects such as NBC’s Parenthood and The Wound

Monroe was one of the founding members of Atlanta’s famed improv troupe Whole World Theater where he landed after graduating from Emory University. He played Nurse Ivan in the popular horror short The Wound, which was a hit on the film festival circuit and now has a growing audience online. He launches his debut EP and unique brand of funny after finally settling back into life in Los Angeles, following a long recovery from a nasty car crash that derailed his work on the comedy scene. Now that he can walk again and recognizes the value of every moment of life, he has dedicated his to creating ludicrous songs and playing them in public.

Earle Monroe is represented by Innovative Artists. 

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