Operation Press Release

The Red Emperor collective located in Tacoma Washington has discovered plot by mark Lindquist and others to take over Cannabis Sales in Washington State. Saul Meshach owner of the Red Emperor Collective Located in Tacoma Washington Started a SEO demonstration called follow the snitch after he discovered that Aaron Pelley of the Pelley law group was attempting to SET UP his own client under the direction of MARK LINDQUIST Pierce County Prosecutor. Aarron Pelley confessed to Saul Meshach that Mark Lindquist was behind the illegal felony charge for growing cannabis after a University Animal Control officer Named Travis Lyons pleaded guilty to stealing from the scene of a crime. The reason that Pierce County put felony charges on Saul Meshach was that he challenged the legality of taxing medical cannabis patients. Leary vs United States of America states that collecting taxes on a Schedule 1 Narcotic is a Violation of your 5th amendment right self-Incrimination. After legalizing cannabis in Washington State the department of revenue promised they would not infringe on the rights of medical marijuana patients but soon broke that promise after they secured the vote.

Saul Meshach blogged about the State of Washington’s attempt to take over medical marijuana in June of 2013 located here. After this was released Mr. Meshach detected t LAWYER Aaron Pelley of as involved with a plot to set up Mr. Meshach for fake Felony Charge for growing medical marijuana for his patients. You can read all the details about my story here.

We are asking all medical cannabis patients to support our protest by going to any search engine and type in Carl Rubicam Douchebag and click on the link that says James Baines and join us.

Also Medical Cannabis patients are encouraged to sign our petition to BOYCOTT I502 at