Profuma Fabrica New Perfume Line Launch Party Earmarked for Saturday, November 22nd

November 10, 2014 – In a bid to consolidate on its growing footprint in the cosmetic retail trade, organic perfume manufacturer Profuma Fabrica is all set for their upcoming launch party, which is earmarked for Saturday, November 22nd. Details are as follows:

Confirmed Date: Saturday, November 22

Venue: Salon Riz 78 West 82nd Street, New York (Corner Columbus Avenue)

Time: 7pm to 9pm

We are happy to announce our launch party at Salon Riz, on Saturday November 22nd, from 7pm to 9pm. Come sample our newest fragrances,” said a spokesperson for the Profuma Fabrica website, The event will undoubtedly serve as an introductory portal to the organic perfume manufacturer’s unique line of natural perfumes, which include ingredients such as essential oils from Italy.

While the imminent event itself will definitely be something to look forward to, it is what it embodies which is set to make a lasting impression on discerning personal care product consumers. Priding themselves on the fact that their products are never tested on animals, Profuma Fabrica appeals to the environmentally-aware consumer with their line of perfumes. As much as they offer full functionality in providing a range of fresh scents, Profuma Fabrica’s perfumes also bear some health and wellness properties, providing aromatherapy that brings calm to the frenzy of everyday life. “We believe in duality and our perfumes provide aromatherapy to calm the frenzy in our everyday lives as well as please the nose,” said Profuma Fabrica founder Stephanie Rubinato, who leads a very busy city life herself.

Founder Stephanie Rubinato’s busy city life was essentially the catalyst for the development of Profuma Fabrica’s new perfume line, as the perfumes she always carried to freshen up between activities constantly kept running and spilling in her handbag, creating a huge mess. Like every other great-product story, Stephanie went on to create her own no-mess-no-fuss perfume, which progressed into a growing perfume line, following the emergence of serious demand in the market. The inspiration for the scents emanates from Italy’s Veneto region, where Stephanie frequently visits to soak in the fresh, wild and natural scents of the countryside and, more importantly, capture the ingredients that go into the Profuma Fabrica perfume range.

Driven by their passion to bring exquisite and vibrant perfumes that awaken the soul and the senses, Profuma Fabrica’s upcoming launch party is definitely one to ink into the calendar, serving as a window into a world of some of the finest organic perfumes available.


Profuma Fabrica produces a range of natural personal care products, specializing in dual-purpose organic perfumes that are as much about their scent as their wellness (aromatherapy) properties. Profuma Fabrica’s scents were developed by founder Stephanie Rubinato, following her frequent trips to the Vento region of Italy. The inspiration came from the fresh scents of the countryside, which were subsequently captured to make up the ingredients of their perfume range.


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