Improve Your Living Space in Chicago through JD Concrete

Chicago, Illinois – Is your family growing and your demand for space increasing? Are you tired of the current layout you have been living with for years? Is it lacking the features you want of a dream house? If your answer to these questions is a big “YES,” then a home improvement or addition is what you need to bring in some pizzazz into your house. And if you are in need of a reliable contractor, then you are in great hands with JD Concrete, your trusted concrete contractor that has been completing every excellent excavation and crawlspace to basement conversion in Chicago for years. If you want to improve your living space and get the dream home you have always wanted, we are the company to call.

In this fast-paced world we live in today, a lot of people opt to buy homes rather than build one from the ground up. It is just more convenient and less stressful than months of construction before you are able to settle down. With the help of a real estate agent and moving companies, the processes can go smoothly without a hassle. And before you know it, you’d be seeping lemonade in your living room.

However, the major disadvantage in buying a house on the market is the huge possibility that it may not have all the features you want. You might not have the right kitchen size, the type of bathroom, the placement of rooms or the number of bedrooms you want. In most cases, buyers will have to settle with the options they have and what their budget can afford, because they can always make changes once they get the opportunity to do so. So if you are ready for a room addition, a crawlspace to basement conversion or some concrete flatworks, then you can always rely on JD Concrete for the best service in Chicago and surrounding areas.

The company has over 50 years of combined staff experience. Their team is composed of highly trained contractors who have handled countless of projects in the past, giving them the experience required to complete excavations, concrete projects and additions that truly define quality craftsmanship. They are a very dedicated team who will go above and beyond to meet the expectations of their clients. They will work closely with you from start to finish so that every single one of your requested details are applied to perfection. They rely greatly on word-of-mouth advertisement which is why customer satisfaction is part of their goal. 

JD Concrete is well known for their expert conversion of a crawlspace to basement in Chicago. If you have a crawlspace under your house, they can turn this into a full basement. If you are running out of space and in need of a storage room, a basement is a most likely a good solution. A basement is not only meant to for storage space. People usually picture a basement as a dark, dusty or damp room where tools, junk and other items that are no longer being used are stored. This room actually offers endless possibilities. It can be utilized as a bedroom, wine cellar, theater room, arts and crafts room, home office, workout room, bar and entertainment space, and the like. You can use it whichever way your need dictates. And if a storage space is what you require, then a basement can certainly solve your problem.

Another service that they offer is room addition. If you are in need of another room for your growing number of children, their team can build it for you. And for a minimum investment beyond the cost of the project, they can even build a full basement underneath the addition! Now, you’ve got the space you need, and more.

If you want to improve your outdoor or need to repair that driveway, the company can also handle such concrete flatworks. They can build or repair your driveway, garage, sidewalk and patio. Everything that requires concrete, they are the specialists you can rely on.

JP Concrete wants you to have the dream home you desire. Even if you bought your house straight from the real estate market, they can help you transform it. So, if you are in need of concrete flatworks, a room addition or a conversion of your crawlspace to basement, you can reach them at 847-516-9290. You can also visit their website,, for more details.