Choosing a Male Organ Health Creme – How the Right Formula Really Can Make Intimacy Better

Lotions, moisturizers, creams and so forth are generally considered as female territory, as women can be especially intent on appearing youthful and maintaining healthy skin. On the other hand, healthy skin is important for everyone – men included. Vibrant, soft, youthful skin not only helps individuals to put their best foot forward; it is also the first line of defense against diseases and environmental invaders that can cause issues ranging from minor infections to serious illness. This is especially true when it comes to a man’s prize possession – giving attention to male organ health is essential not only for making sure the manhood is performance-ready whenever the need arises, but also that it is protected as well as possible. Here are just some of the ways that a male organ health creme can help:

1. Improves the look and feel of the skin. A cream that is rich in moisturizers helps to protect the skin against the inevitable friction it will encounter, whether from skin-on-skin contact or simply rubbing against clothing. Keeping the male organ hydrated and moisturized can prevent dry, flaky, rough skin that is unpleasant to the touch.

2. Reduces the risk of minor skin infections. Keeping the male skin smooth and healthy not only helps it to look and feel better; it also helps to reduce the occurrence of tiny fissures or tears that can allow bacteria and other microorganisms to penetrate the skin’s surface. Maintaining the surface integrity of the male tissue can reduce the risk of fungal infections and other unpleasant skin conditions.

3. Helps prevent surface damage that can lead to loss of sensation. The friction from a man’s hand, his partner’s body, and even his own clothing can lead to surface damage to the skin. This damage triggers a process of keratinization whereby the skin develops a thicker outer layer. While this outer dermal layer can protect the underlying tissue, it also puts an additional barrier between the more pleasant types of touch and a      man’s male nerve endings, meaning that he may experience significant loss of sensation. Keeping the area well-nourished and moisturized can help to mitigate this process and reduce the risk of male organ sensation loss.

4. Fights unpleasant odors. The private area is prime real estate for odor-causing bacteria; the warm, moist, dark environment, accompanied by the presence of sweat, hair and body fluids, encourages bacterial colonies to flourish. While these bacteria may not be harmful overall, they do smell bad, so eliminating them through thorough cleansing and the application of vitamin A – a natural antibacterial agent – can help to alleviate this problem.

5. Boosts confidence. Last but not least, when a man knows that his package looks good and  is pleasant to the touch, he feels a sense of confidence that is not only attractive to partners; it also helps to increase his enjoyment of a sensual experience.

So which product to choose…?

Choosing the right skin care product can be difficult, especially for men who are not used to browsing the lotion aisle in the local pharmacy or big box store. This can be especially difficult when it comes to the male organ skin, since this area is fairly delicate and sensitive, and may not tolerate the perfumes, emulsifiers and other chemicals that are often added to body creams.

Instead, choosing a top-drawer male organ health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) that has been specifically formulated for the male skin offers an excellent alternative. Men should look for a product that contains natural emollients like Shea butter, as well as healing agents such as vitamins A, C and D. A cream that contains L-arginine also offers an extra energy boost and may even improve the sensitivity of the male tissue.

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