Peabody, MA Chiropractor, Dr. Ellen Blomerth, Helps Joint Pain Sufferers Find Relief

Peabody, MA, 31-JANUARY-2014 - Blomerth Chiropractic and Peabody chiropractor, Dr. Ellen Blomerth D. C., are pleased to announce that the discomfort of joint pain due to various causes can be alleviated by utilizing the principles and techniques of chiropractic medicine. Arthritis is a term that is applied to many of the joint pain symptoms, but there are other causes as well.

Dr. Ellen Blomerth DC, Peabody chiropractor, spoke about joint pain causes recently. "The bony structures that allow your back and neck to easily move in different directions are called facet joints. Facet joints provide about one-fifth of your lower back and neck's twisting stability. Facet joints are located in pairs at each vertebral level (except for the top vertebra) down your spinal cord. The surfaces of facet joints are coated with slippery cartilage, allowing them to glide freely as you move. Each joint is encased in a capsule that generates lubricant for the joint while it moves."

She continues, "When joints are injured in a traumatic event, or degenerate over time because of the aging process or disease, pain often results. Facet joint syndrome develops when the cartilage in joints wears thin. Your body begins producing material (called bone spurs) to shore up the cartilage. This material can calcify, or harden, causing stiffness in the joint. Facet joint syndrome can contribute to joint inflammation, muscle spasms, and later osteoarthritis."

Joint disorders in the lower back can cause stiffness, and make it difficult to stand straight or get out of a chair. Joint disorders in the cervical region can cause headaches and difficulty rotating the head. Chiropractic measures are focused on improving spinal alignment so that wear in the joints is reduced. Self-healing is promoted through natural and non-pharmaceutical techniques.

Learn more about relief from joint pain using chiropractic measures by going to the web pages at today. Members of the press corps and individuals are invited to contact Dr. Blomerth at the location described below.

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