New website allows for unbiased, online casino reviews

The rise of the Internet has certainly made its mark and created a market for online casino play.  In fact, online casino play has risen sharply and will no doubt continue to do so.  Those who enjoy online gaming, be it roulette, poker, slots or other games find the opportunities on the Internet plentiful.


Finding an online casino that fits the specific needs and desires of a certain player, however, can be as difficult as winning at craps.  The rise of Internet gaming has led to a plethora of sites offering virtually any game.  This also means there are lots of gaming sites that are unscrupulous and seek only to take money, information or prove unfair on returns. For the novice gamer, this can be a serious issue.  Fortunately, a solution to this problem exists, and the solution works for the benefit of the online gaming fan.


iReview is a new website designed around the concept of providing in-depth reviews, information and the like to gamers across the world.  Each review covers the pros and cons of the specific site, as well as offer notifications on the deals and offerings each site has for new and returning members.


“This was not a website that was thrown together on a do-it-yourself web server.  We are hosted for real time, independent reviews and are checking out sites on an almost 24/7 basis.  What may be a top site this week could plummet to the bottom the next.  This is why we are offering this service.  We want our visitors to be 100 percent satisfied with their experience on our site and on their gaming site,” said  Anita Srecko, iReview Manager.


The site offers reviews of several different casino types for the gamer who knows what they want, and what they want to play.  The reviews range from Instant Play to High Roller casinos and everything in between.  Ratings are based on a 10 point scale, broken down by a list of different characteristics.


“Our customers want to know everything from the signing bonuses to the customer service.  We also have a category for withdrawals and deposits.  We cover all casinos as well, from the U.S. to Russia.  There is no where we have not visited and provided information for our visitors,” said Srecko.


Also included on the site are tips and suggestions for first timers who are navigating the world of online gaming and the gaming experience in general.  Tips include how to find the right casino, what an online casino is and an explanation of the bonus guide – something very important to a beginning online gaming enthusiast.


“Bonuses are free giveaways the casinos provide to first time visitors and gamers.  The bonuses can be very lucrative and plentiful, so we make  it a point to provide the sites providing the best bonuses, and again, these can change almost daily.


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