Unist Australia: Offering Exactness Lubrication Application Systems For Metal Forming Industries Worldwide

This Could Be The Company To Provide Industries With Timeless Metal Cutting Solutions.

Over the past decades the most commonly-asked question in the world of metal fabrication has been “What metal cutting technology is most sensible?”  Unfortunately, the answer to this question cannot be contained in a one simple statement. There are various factors to consider when deciding which metal cutting technology works best -   the type of metal being cut, its thickness, the customer’s standard of quality and the speed of the process, for example.  With so many variables to consider, metal fabricating companies can be puzzled about the real differences in the technology.

Unist is one company that understands metal cutting technology. Since 1957, they have been providing Coolube cutting fluid, which has stood the test of time and has a proven track record of success.  Unist offers an alternative which pertains to all metal working processes, as well as to several plastics and compounds. Unist manufactures Minimum Quality Lubrication solutions such as Unist Coolube cutting oils 2210EP and 2210.  Just a small amount of this uniquely-formulated, premium-grade vegetable cutting oil placed directly onto the cutting tool or work piece interface  reduce friction and heat generation, resulting in minimum fluid usage, faster production , safer and cleaner shops and floors, improved tool life and cut quality, increased production rates and great surface finishing.

Additional advantages to these lubricants include the production of dry, clean fragments for simple and beneficial recycling, the reduction of expensive coolant disposal costs and coolant handling apparatus, along with probable 20% to 50% growth rates in production.

Unist, which is located in Castle Hill, Australia, has been providing metal forming industries with valuable lubrication application systems since 1993. Unists’s Uni-Roller systems present a patented roller creation that’s internally fed and provides an environmentally-friendly lubricant application mechanism to the coil stock. Unist offers a product line which is centered on the idea of accurate lubricant application, resulting in less fluid usage, deposition of dangerous, unattractive fluid mess, and enhanced efficiency due to uniform and consistent fluid application.

For several decades, the method for eliminating heat during metal cutting operations was through the use of mineral-based metal cutting fluids combined with water. Though it may prove effective for some metal cutting applications, this method is problematic for others. It normally results in coolant formation where the collection, treatment and disposal process adds up to an additional cost of about 16% of the average job. However, Unist offers metal cutting technology concept solutions which are both non-hazardous and cost-effective.

Unist guarantees that its Coolube and Minimum Quality Lubrication solutions are 100 % natural, so they pose no threat to employees’ health.  You can reach Unist through their website at to have one of their technical experts inspect your metal cutting application and suggest an almost-dry solution.

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