Structure, Features and Application of LED Stage Lighting products from Guangzhou Yiyun

China - LED stage light is one kind of stage lighting product and LED lighting products. In contrast to the traditional stage light, the newly LED stage light which applies the high tech LED lamp could be said the new type of stage lighting fixtures. Guangzhou Yiyun Stage Light Co., Ltd is specialized in manufacturing and supplying the high quality and cheap led stage light. Today, the editor of their website will clearly introduce with people the structure, features and application of their main product.

When it refers to the structure of stage light , it can be said that the structure is familiar with other sorts of LED lighting fixtures. The main accessories of LED lighting products could be divided into the outer shell, lamp beads, secondary optical lens, LED driving power, DIP switches, cooling devices, installation bracket and others. This composition could not only be applied into the stage light but also be the same with other LED products such as led Disco light.

The features of the LED stage light could be varied. People should know that the feature and performance of stage lights have closely link with the LED technologies. This newly stage light owns richly colors, such as red, green, and blue, which can be mixed into 16,700,000 kinds of different colors. In addition to richly colors, this product featured with low consuming power, low driving voltage, high luminous efficiency and environmentally energy saving. There is also no radiation from the stage light. As the statistic from scientific research, the service life of this LED product could be theoretical up to 100,000 hours. However, compared to the price of traditional stage lighting, disco light is a little bit higher than it.

For the application of these LED stage lights, the most commonly applying pattern should be the color changing and mixing applications which will help people build the colorful and charmingly atmosphere. The stage lighting products such as LED spot lights, LED wall lights and LED flood lights could be commonly used in large-scale stage performances, parties, concerts, outdoor performances, city lighting engineering, building decoration and many other areas in people¡¯s daily life.

Nowadays, with the continuously development and improvement of LED technology and the decline of the cost for this newly lighting product, LED lighting technology will play increasingly significant role in the stage lighting industry or other related areas. However, if people want to get more information about the LED stage light, please do not hesitate to contact us by the following information.

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