RNAi Therapy Industry Drug Delivery Mechanics, Ongoing Clinical Trail/Pipeline & 2018 Forecasts adds “Global RNA Interference (RNAi) Therapy Market Outlook 2018 report to its research database.

The popularity of RNAi technology has been increasing in recent times as is has become a major component of basic research, and in drug discovery. Over the years this technology has become an integral part of the process of determining the functions of gene, in analyzing pathways, and in the validation of the target both in academia and in industry.

Since discovery, RNA interference is considered to be a turning point for molecular biology, it is most likely that this technology would grow in terms of its popularity and the significant research activity would be recorded in order to develop efficient and safe drug delivery mechanisms based on the RNAi therapy. Being a powerful tool for the study of functional genomics, this therapy provides enables the scientist to successfully silence any gene with artificial triggers of RNAi and utilizing the cellular machinery for efficient targeting of complementary transcripts.

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There are specific strategic reasons for the pharmaceutical industry to take interest in developing RNAi-based therapeutics. With the existing product pipelines exhausting for the big pharma companies, they are currently looking into RNAi therapeutics as potential fields which would enable the pipelines to be filled. Additionally, these companies have identified RNAi therapeutics to have the capability to target those diseases which are considered to be “undruggable” by small-molecule compounds or biologics. Thus, by investing in RNAi therapeutics at an early stage, the pharma companies would be able to build a strong foothold and have a commanding position in the market once these RNAi-based drugs reached the market.

The RNAi therapy market, in the future years is likely to witness an increased level of activity in terms of RNAI technology development, specifically in the space of drug delivery. Though the main concept and clinical results behind RNAi are compelling, the pharma companies are still working towards identifying some new ideas which have great opportunity to grow. With human proof of concept demonstrated, it is most likely that the RNAi companies would reformulate new delivery technology and enjoy the benefits.

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Competitive Landscape
1 Arrowhead Research
2 Alnylam Pharmaceuticals
3 Benitec Biopharma
4 Dicerna Pharmaceuticals
5 InteRNA Technologies
6 Isis Pharmaceuticals
7 RXi Pharmaceuticals
8 Santaris Pharma
9 Silence Therapeutics
10 Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corporation

Global RNAi Therapy Report Highlights:

  • Introduction & Need Analysis of RNAi Therapy
  • Benefits & Drug Delivery Mechanics Related to RNAi
  • RNAi Therapy Market Insight
  • Ongoing Clinical Trail/Pipeline for RNAi
  • Detailed Insight on 151 RNAi Based Drugs in Clinical Trial
  • Detailed Insight on 34 Suspended & No Development Reported RNAi Based Drugs in Clinical Trial

Global RNAi Therapy Report Findings:

  • Number of RNAi Based Drugs in Clinical Trials: 151
  • Highest RNAi Clinical Trial in Preclinical Phase
  • Oncology Dominating the RNAi Based Drugs Clinical Trial Process
  • US Dominates RNAi Market & Clinical Trial Landscape

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