The Mystic Pleasure of the Salem Slut is Now Available on Amazon

January 30, 2014: Erotica has always been a matter of great interests as well as curiosity among the adult populace of the society. Though it’s a topic people don’t like to discuss openly, but everyone enjoys it discreetly. Now, authors Favben, Adelina and Agnes Bristol offer some extra doses of sex, nudity and sleaze through their new storybook, The Mystic Pleasure of the Salem Slut. The Kindle edition of the book is now available on Amazon, and which can take readers to a different world full of sexual fantasies.

This 41 page story revolves around Audra, who has been portrayed as the wife of a wealthy man and the daughter of the local pastor. Audra is the main character of the story who is a beautiful woman and whose life suddenly transformed after her child’s birth. Before her son’s birth, sex was merely a duty for her to please and satisfy her husband’s physical needs. But now she had started enjoying it and even had started exploring different facets of sex. No more the same old customary sex, but she now wanted to enjoy oral sex, anal sex, and various other styles that can enhance the sensuous pleasure. Readers can get all juicy details about Audra’s sexual life and can find enough reasons to feel energized and excited.

The erotic storyline has been maintained by the authors and one can glimpse through the exciting and passionate life of Audra. The beautiful woman has been portrayed as a woman with a new-found sexual vigor who is often difficult to be satisfied by a man. At times, she uses different objects to assuage her sexual urges when she is alone. The authors claim that any reader will find it fascinating and enthralling to come along on the journey with Audra. Every part of the story has something unexpected and something to explore such as any where sex and different style sex.

The book can be considered as a self-stimulant material with electro-stimulation descriptions of sexual encounters of this beautiful woman Audra. The book is now available at Amazon and interested readers can learn more about it by following the link .

About The Mystic Pleasure of the Salem Slut:

The Mystic Pleasure of the Salem Slut is an erotic story book authored by Favben, Adelina and Agnes Bristol. The book is about a rich woman and her sexual transformation following the birth of her child. The book is now available on Amazon.

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