LEAGOO M5 Takes Pride in Being the First Smartphone with Nano All-Metal Closed Loop Frame in the World

LEAGOO M5 has introduced the very first smartphone with a nano all-metal closed loop frame that makes it the most durable and coolest smartphone available in the market. It is offered at a reasonable price and boasts a range of features that anyone would want from a durable smartphone.

LEAGOO has been providing a lot of surprises when it comes to every smartphone that they release in the market. It is compact, solid and shockproof, which is what most people need especially when they want to pay for quality and not just the pretty features a smartphone could offer.

Smartphone owners undoubtedly experienced dropping their phones carelessly and suffered from either getting a completely broken phone or non-functional phone. These are the damages that smartphone owners can now forget with M5. Users can practically forget about their phone on their beds or sofas and not minding seating on it accidentally or dropping it face down on a concrete floor as its durability features will take care about that.

Tougher structure and impressive hand feeling, these were all considered as the company is crafting this unit. It has a closed loop design on its frame, which supports the resistance capability of the entire body. In addition, another surprise in this unit is its 0.19 fingerprint response function that makes accessing the device more secure and more convenient.

LEAGOO M5 is also taking pride in its large bulletproof display that produces amazingly vibrant images that makes movie watching or sports viewing more enjoyable. Taking clear images whether taking a selfie or a group picture is not a problem as it some with 5mp front and 8mp rear cameras. It produces crisp and sharp images with every shot as it comes with an autofocus function that makes taking pictures more fun with friends.

Faster memory processing is a breeze as LEAGOO M5 has 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM, and a total of 128GB expandable memory. These makes storing apps and any files on the unit convenient. Sound performance is also a great feature as it is using Awinic K7 for a dynamic sound. Furthermore, it is powered by 2300 mAh li-polymer battery and is combined with a powerful Freeme OS 6.0(Android 6.0) and the most advanced Quadcore processor.

Taking all of these features in mind, there is no wonder why LEAGOO M5 is the next big thing when it comes to durable and cool smartphones anyone should get. It is something smartphone users shouldn’t miss getting to experience its superb performance.

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