Vasumo Opens Its Virtual Assistant Service To The Public, Offers The Most Competitive Pricing In Industry


New York, NY, U.S.A (June 10, 2014) - VASUMO has finally made having a personal dedicated virtual assistant a reality for every entrepreneur, business owner or a busy professional. It is not a privilege of CEOs or high profiles business people anymore. With plans ranging from $199/mo for 40 hours of service available around the clock 24/7/365 – Vasumo became the most affordable Virtual Assistant services provider.

Sample tasks include website maintenance, inbox management, product support, conducting research, article writing, sending cards to your customers, proofreading, video editing and so much more. All Virtual Assistants go through strict security clearance, work in the state of the art facilities in U.S. and Canada, and are also required to pass certifications and training with sample tasks to receive a Vasumo’s Badge of Super Sumo.

Virtual Assistants at Vasumo work normal business hours and guarantee that most tasks are completed within 24 hours. All communication is done through personal Dashboard, accessible by Web, PC or IPhone, IPad and Android apps. You may also reach your VA by phone.

The company has been working with high profile celebrities and business people and have recently secured required start upfunding to expand across the globe.

“With Vasumo, we are helping people to find work and life balance. We make it easier finding help with your daily routine tasks, by offeringdedicated, smart, reliable virtual assistants, who are highly trained. Most our clients are tired of dealing with unreliable freelancers from Elance and oDesk, and are unhappy with inconsistent results, and would like to deal with a reputable company who is here to stay.

We have spent last 4 years working with high profile business people from all over United States, entrepreneurs, start-up owners, even few celebrities and we have learned just how important it is for each of them to have a reliable assistant who they can trust and always rely on. We are ready to present the world with Vasumo – a revolutionary company in Virtual Assistant industry.”

Vasumo’s Assistants have completed over 250,000 tasks this year alone and the business and expansion is growing at a rapid speed, helping thousands of busy professionals to find more freedom and to focus on important goals, while your V.A.handles those little things that take the most time out of your day. Often people forget that our time is the most precious commodity we have, and it is not worth spending another minute checking your email or fighting with another website update.

Vasumo truly offers unmatched quality and a real relationship between it’s V.A.s and clients, who often recommend the service as truly life-changing. Those of us who have been looking into hiring a personal virtual assistant, finally have found THE company to turn to and rely on for their Virtual Assistant needs.

Vasumo - a truly revolutionary company in virtual assistant services, offers the most competitive pricing in industry. For more information please visit