Infrared Automatic Sliding Door

One of the types of sliding doors that are often using the infrared sensor is the infrared automatic sliding door. It is considered to be the special feature of such sliding door. The main purpose of this is to prevent heavy traffic flows whenever people are hurrying to perform their necessary works. This kind of automatic sliding doors is found to be helpful in controlling the entrances of people to a certain building and to ensure its security.

The infrared automatic sliding door is working with the use of pulsed signal lights. Once the light is received, it will then be redirected and the door will response to the variations that will eventually take place once a person is about to pass by the door. This kind of automatic sliding door is classified into two types namely the distance measuring infrared and the diffused measuring infrared.

This Infrared automatic sliding door is usually seen with sensors. These sensors, which are installed and used, occur in detection capability forms and the opposite. Most of the current infrared automatic sliding doors are using combinations of the various types of sensors in order to meet several purposes, depending upon the aim of the user or buyer. The most used and in demand type of sensor is the one used to ensure safety or as a triggering device. Some cases also prefer the sensors that will help in initiating the door’s movements. There are more single rayed sensors that detect the motions of one thing or an approaching person.

The application and use of the infrared automatic sliding door requires the person’s commitment to the necessary precautions and rules of it. One should wait for his time in walking through it and should avoid crowding. People should practice walking through it in an orderly manner. To prevent the door from being damaged, one should not bump or jam with it. If you are with a child or disabled person, assist them and ensure that they will pass through the Infrared automatic sliding door with safety and accidents avoidance.

The Infrared automatic sliding door is truly convenient but everyone must take their parts since this type of automatic sliding doors cannot be controlled at all times. There can be some occurrences of safety issues and you must be accountable for your safety. This kind of sliding door is not advisable for place where many people are passing each day and lots of emergencies are often taking place. As of now, the technology employed in this automatic sliding door is continuously being improved and developed by the experts in order to make it comply with the unavoidable occurrences of emergencies and disasters.