Catherine Baldwin of Suspended Animation presents Ambulance of the Future on Thursday, March 24th at Church of Perpetual Life.

Suspended Animation, Inc. (SA) is an organization devoted to doing research on the best means to deliver standby, stabilization, and transport services to cryonics patients. SA also delivers these services to cryonics patients belonging to Alcor, Cryonics Institute, and the American Cryonics Society, but most of the time is investigating technologies and equipment to improve those services. Catherine Baldwin, CEO of Suspended Animation will present the Mobile Cryonics Emergency Vehicle, and discuss the Protection and Preservation of Human Life on Thursday, March 24th 7pm ET at Church of Perpetual Life, Hollywood.

Doors will open at 5:00 PM and attendees will enjoy snacks and conversation in the Social Hall, downstairs. At 7:00 PM Neal VanDeRee will give a short inspirational message immediately followed by Catherine Baldwin presentation Ambulance of the Future. Watch the LIVE stream below.

The Suspended Animation Mobile Operating Room Vehicle will be at the Church of Perpetual Life for preview.

Suspended Animation, Inc. was founded in 2002 with the goal of conducting research and developing improved equipment, procedures and personnel to stabilize and transport human cryopreservation patients. As medical research showed the life-saving benefits of hypothermia, it became apparent that Suspended Animation’s technologies had even broader application in the critical care of victims of cardiac arrest, stroke and trauma, as well as organ and tissue donors.

Today, Suspended Animation’s scientists, engineers and medical professionals strive to develop and deliver technologies and protocols to help all those whose survival may depend on rapid cooling.

Most of Suspended Animation’s research focuses on developing methods, particularly unique cooling (hypothermia) methods, to reduce ischemia and ischemic damage to the body tissues.

When blood flow is cut off from tissues in the body, the supply of oxygen and nutrients is also cut off. This condition is called ischemia. Cardiac arrest, stroke and trauma inflict localized or total ischemia on the body and within a few minutes the cells in the tissues have used up their reserves of oxygen. A damaging cascade of biochemical reactions begins and can ultimately kill the cells if unchecked. This is called ischemic damage.

Beginning a treatment protocol that includes rapid cooling of the tissues can help slow, stop and sometimes even reverse these harmful processes. Deep cooling or profound levels of hypothermia can slow cellular metabolic processes as well as the damaging chemical reactions and place the cells in a kind of limited suspended animation. This allows the tissues to be protected while patient is being transported to where they can receive more advanced medical care.

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