Website offers 52 unique, fascinating templates on kids planes

2nd May: How to make a paper airplane is one of the most popular searches on Google. Although, there are many websites that teach kids on how to make a paper airplane, not many of these sites give what gives. This is a website that is built for kids. It is built to cater to the ever growing enthusiasm among children as it gives them the chance to learn about the different kinds of planes.

With a small membership fee of $5, parents as well as kids themselves can become a part of the prestigious and growing planes club. In return, the website will send 52 different airplane templates for a whole year to the member’s email. This is a great opportunity to not only experience the fun and the excitement that comes with building a paper airplane, but, it is also a chance to learn about the important aspects of how to build a paper airplane.

Those who want to take the experience one step further can collaborate with the website to buy products that can in turn be sold to generate funds. Products sold on the website are unique and intriguing and they will help kids get more money when they sell them at their local school fair. This way students can earn more and also help donate some of the money earned to their cause.


This is an exclusive website that has been set up to help kids learn how to make a paper airplane. Making airplanes on the website is educational and fun. It is a 100% safe website for kids and a great platform for parents to interact. Members can also connect with each other, post pictures of their projects, write about their experiences and in general help the community by engaging in fundraising activities. To know more, log onto

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