Top female celebrities stir controversy on their recent Instagram photos

Instagram continues to bare the glitz and glamour of celebrities through their personally uploaded photos. Two of the most talked about Instagram photos are of pop icon Madonna who flaunts a hairy armpit and former Disney child star Selena Gomez who got presumably naked. 

Madonna stirring talks with hairy armpit shot 

On March 21, Madonna, who has been dubbed as the Queen of Pop, shocked the Instagram world when she shared a selfie photo of her with an unshaven armpit. The shared picture with the caption “Long hair...... Don't Care!!!!!! #artforfreedom #rebelheart #revolutionoflove” had instantly become viral, earning talks and discussions. 

While there are Instagram users who have expressed their support to the ever-controversial singer, more followers have expressed their shock, incredulity, criticisms and disgust to the photo. 

One Madonna follower said it is a conceited and fake action “from someone who gets a $500 full body wax’. Another follower called the photo “disgusting” while there are some who said that it is “photoshopped” and that the singer is just “desperately needing some attention”. 

Sources say that the photo was Madonna’s digital initiative and effort to persuade artists to show their creativity by bringing consciousness about human rights violations. 

The Queen of Pop is not however new to Instagram controversy. In the past months, she was involved in a series of Instagram hullabaloos after she posted a photo of her minor son with a liquor bottle and a photo with a racially discriminating caption. 

Selena Gomez erupting idle speculations with her presumably nude photo 

Still on March 21, singer and former Disney child star Selena Gomez had also stir controversy when she posted a seemingly nude photo of her. The singer, who is very much popular for her whirlwind romance with teen sensation Justin Beiber, attracted idle assumptions for her artistic photo post behind a curtain, showing her presumably naked stature. 

While the photo mostly earned the support of the singer’s loyal followers, the photo had also drawn various theories and speculations ranging from positive to gross. 

Defensive fans of Gomez speculated that it is the singer’s way of shedding her good girl image. Some also said that it is a still shot from the new season of American Horror Story in which Gomez is set to appear. 

On the negative note, there are also Instagram users who are apparently disappointed with the singer’s post. One follower said that the singer is “sexting in public” while another said that it is “a frantic antic to earn attention”. 

Amidst the controversy, both photos of Madonna and Gomez remain on their respective Instagram accounts. 


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