Planning a Sensual Encounter – 7 Things to Consider Before a Three-way

The idea of a three-way may be simultaneously the most exciting and intimidating thought for many men.  True, bringing two ladies into the bedroom may be the stuff that fantasies are made of, but before walking down that road there are many things for a man to consider – particularly if he is considering making this journey with his significant other.  Here are a few things to think about before hitting the point of no return and how to make the trip safely so the male organ health – and relationship - remains intact.

Jealousy: Perhaps the number 1 hitch in a well-laid three-way is the possibility of jealousy.  It is natural for both partners to get jealous watching their loved one getting busy with another.  Any insecurities that exist in the relationship can rear their ugly head during a three-way, and can lead to a broken relationship. A woman may feel particularly slighted if she believes her boyfriend is enjoying the other partner more; likewise, watching her with another woman may be hot, but raise a man’s own insecurities as well.

Time sharing: There are some activities that are better suited to two individuals versus three, so be sure to split time equally between all partners so one person doesn’t feel rejected or unattractive.  That may mean each person has some “down time” but everybody should have the chance to explore each other as well.

Choosing the partner: It may seem like a good idea to bring a total stranger into the three-way, but that might feel awkward for all parties and increase inhibitions.  However, bringing in a friend or acquaintance can lead to awkwardness afterwards.  Whoever the chosen one is, it is wise to stay away from her BFF’s or a guy’s best friend’s wife as there may be too many other relationship dynamics going on that will complicate things.

Underlying attraction: When having an encounter with a new person, things may feel more exciting and new than they do with the same old partner one has been with for years.  This may bring up feelings of attraction that seem very strong – for a guy or a girl – and it may be tempting to leave one’s partner for this new, hot person.  To that end, if in a relationship, both people need to be seriously committed before bringing in the hot temptress. Plus, it should be made clear to the outside party that this is purely physical, lest she develop feelings for one of members in the couple.

Anxiety: If this is the first three-way for all parties, there are sure to be some nerves, which may make it awkward and uncomfortable at times.  Men who feel too much pressure to perform with both women may be especially prone to performance anxiety and male dysfunction issues; talk about a double bummer!

Safety: Whether it is a relatively unknown person or a closer acquaintance that will be joining in the fun, it is important for all three people to disclose their intimate history.  There are a lot of body fluids, body parts and exploration going on during a three-way, which drastically increases the risk of pregnancy and infection.  A man should use protection at all times and always change the protection when switching between partners. Never use the same protection with two partners, even if the man has not come yet.

Keeping the male organ healthy: In addition to being extremely cautious about protection during a three-way and disclosing full histories with all partners involved, it is important to maintain other aspects of hygiene, as well.  A man should definitely shower before, after – and possibly even during – the three-way to keep the male organ clean and healthy.  Men should also use a daily male organ vitamin cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) after each and every shower.  A male organ cream loaded with male organ specific vitamins and minerals will help keep the male organ healthy for all one’s sensual exploits.

Visit for additional information on most common male organ health issues, tips on improving male organ sensitivity, and what to do to maintain a healthy male organ. John Dugan is a professional writer who specializes in men's health issues and is an ongoing contributing writer to numerous online web sites.