Hello Baby! The Most Popular Baby Names for 2014 and Their Meanings

London, 31 Dec 2013 – With 2014 now upon us, have released their list of the most popular baby names for the coming year; however,  it is the MEANING of those names that is taking center-stage .

UK author David Winter, a researcher into the history and meaning of names, stresses the importance of choosing the right name in the new edition of his book, “If a Name Means Anything”, available at Amazon. Free samples from the book are available at

Winter states, “We all have a name, but do we know what that name means? Our names are important – not just because they have meaning and history, but because they identify the individual. Your name may mean something startling and wonderful, or it may have a very ordinary and mundane meaning…but it still has meaning and significance.”

Winter’s book lists over 1800 names with their history and meaning, showcasing the significance of those names for people of all ages.

For a free sample from the book, visit for a downloadable selection of some of the most popular names and their meanings. The second edition is published by, based in Northern Ireland, UK.

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