Toxicology Training Online

West Sussex, UK – Noted author, trainer and toxicologist Laura Robinson has offered Toxicology Training Online for the benefit of users.

This online video introduction to toxicology is aimed at helping users understand, interpret and use toxicological data at their work places. There are still many instances where people work with hazardous materials and employ techniques that can be quite dangerous.

Ms. Robinson has worked in the industry regarding issues with hazardous materials at work place and now she is sharing her insight to all users through this online program. Overall Toxicology Training Online strives to be a reference guide to toxicology that users can follow, especially when they come across hazardous materials at work places.

The training program can be ideal for those who work in global regulatory compliance,occupational hygiene and medicine, R&D, HSE and Product Stewardship. Business managers involved in Regulatory Compliance/consortia meetings, trade associations can also benefit from the program. In fact anyone who is interested in knowing more about toxicology can refer to the information they find in this program.

The program consists of video presentations that make things easier to understand for practically all users. They can also get their hands on a training manual and copies of slides used besides other hand outs that carry the information forward. The program covers various aspects of toxicology, right from exposure and doses to target audience and human risk assessment.

Since the information is easily available on various mobile devices people use today, it can be accessed wherever one is. Thus they have a handy toxicology reference guide at all times.

About Toxicology Training Online

It is a useful toxicology reference guide offered by toxicologist, researcher and author Laura Robinson for professionals and regular users who want to know more about the subject.

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