JS Roofing Offers Quality Roofing Services in Portland

JS Roofing, a family-operated company of roof experts, enhances its quality roofing services enhanced with additional roof care features. The company also offers a 5-year no leak warranty in all of its major repairs and replacement offerings.

[PORTLAND, 01/15/2014] –JS Roofing, a Portland-based roofing company with over four decades of experience, continues to excel in its roofing services with added features to its already existing lineup. Apart from long-lasting roof repairs and replacements, the company also introduced roof maintenance services and gutter cleaning for increased customer satisfaction.

Roof Maintenance Services

According to JS Roofing, they use an air system to eliminate debris and allow rain to naturally wash away other substances such as moss, lichen, and fungus. The company notes that this method is far more effective than the use of high water pressure, as it removes any chances of developing occasional leak due to harsh exposure. JS Roofing’s roof air-blow system only requires roof blowing twice a year or even once every 3 to 5 years.

Gutter Cleaning

JS Roofing explains that while gutter screens work effectively in areas that need less cleaning, they do not completely protect the gutter from dirt and other rubbles. They still require additional cleaning, which results in higher maintenance costs due to the extra work required. With JS Roofing’s gutter cleaning services, homeowners are assured of clog-free roofs. The services also make sure that roofs are free of stagnant water that become possible breeding grounds for mosquitoes. The company’s professional gutter technicians are willing to work on any roofing issues no matter what the weather is, after checking on the work area’s safety.

About JS Roofing

JS Roofing is a premier company based in Portland specializing in quality roof repairs and installations. the company has45 years of roofing experience, making it one of the leaders in the industry. The family-maintained business accepts service orders for residential and commercial roofs; hail and wind damages; roof, gutter, and siding replacements; moss and algae prevention, and gutter cleaning.

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