Gift Ideas for the Girl Who Has Everything

It's easy to get overwhelmed about buying a special gift when your girlfriend or wife seems to have everything already. Perhaps she's just a discriminating individual who isn't impressed by much. Relax, because here is a list of gifts that meet all the requirements:

A Day at the Spa

There’s no such thing as too many spa days. You can give her a solo spa day for her to enjoy all by herself, a couples spa day for you two to relish together, or a trip for two that she can enjoy with a good friend.[i]

An Unexpected Piece of Jewelry

Wait! Don't say she already has every piece of jewelry imaginable, because she likely doesn't have a motion ring. A motion ring isn't just an ordinary ring. The elegantly designed circular setting moves as her hand moves, creating a spectacular effect. Best of all, cleaning and maintaining a motion ring is no different than caring for other jewelry pieces. If you're scared to buy a ring, the small family company (Teufel) that builds these also makes earrings, pendants, and bracelets.

Something to Go With Her Hobby

Is your special lady into golf or crafts? Perhaps she's an avid gardener or a committed runner. Whatever her favorite activity might be, consider a gift that she can use to indulge in her interest. This not only covers your bases on gift-giving holidays, it also expresses to her that you support what she's passionate about. If you're stumped about what to buy, consider a gift card to a store that specializes in her hobby, such as a golf pro shop, a local greenhouse, or a crafts center.[ii]

A Heartfelt Love Letter

Who needs Hallmark? More than any card on the shelves at the store, your lady will be impressed by a handwritten, heartfelt letter telling her everything she means to you. To make the gesture seem like a complete gift, follow up the presentation of the letter with a meal you prepared (or at least one that you bought) and enjoy it by candlelight and soft, romantic music.[iii]

A DIY Gift Basket

What does your partner enjoy most? Does she relish a long, soothing bath, surrounded by candlelight? Does she favor gourmet chocolates and other elegant treats? Create your own gift basket filled with things she's sure to adore. Simply select an attractive basket with ample space inside, and then choose a variety of items she would like to fill it with, such as specialty teas and coffees, candles and bath products, chocolates and sweet delicacies, fruits and breads, or cheeses and wines -- the possibilities are endless! Finish it by wrapping lovely tissue paper or decorative plastic around the filled basket to hold the items inside, and top it with a pretty bow. Many stores offer gift wrapping assistance if you need it.[iv]

The First Edition of Her Favorite Book

In the age of Nook and Kindle, an ornate, leather-bound book really stands out. Surprise your lovely partner with a charming first edition of her favorite book. If you can score a signed copy, that's even better! This thoughtful gift shows that you care enough to remember what book she loves most, and it also makes an attractive conversation piece on her end table or bookshelf.

A gift that’s filled with thought and care will almost always be cherished above those that are easy to snag in a store without any extra thought. Take a good gander at who she is as a woman, and the perfect gift idea will become crystal clear.


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